Winnebago Offers Support (& Storage!) for Warrior Expeditions
Learn more about the important efforts of this veteran-focused non-profit.
By: GoLife Staff


Warrior Expeditions picking up their towable from the Winnebago Towables factory in Middlebury, IN

Warrior Expeditions is a non-profit organization providing intensive, long-distance outdoor therapy programs to honorably discharged combat veterans. The organization’s goal is to help veterans’ transition from wartime trauma through transformative outdoor experiences. 

In 2013, Warrior Expeditions was founded by Sean Gobin, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who realized the potential of using long-distance outdoor expeditions to help other veterans after he hiked the entirety of the Appalachian Trail. His goal was to “walk off the war” following his 12 years of service, including deployments in both Afghanistan and Iraq. It proved to be extremely beneficial to his mental health and he wanted to share that with others. (Learn more about the story behind Warrior Expeditions here). 

Warrior Expeditions group at trail head with gear

Warrior Expeditions & Winnebago

Winnebago first met the team from Warrior Expeditions at the Outdoor Retailer Show in 2015. About that same time, Sean was purchasing a Travato, with funds donated by a generous benefactor, for use as a “base camp” for expeditions. When Sean first joined the Winnebago owner family, the company in turn supported Warrior Expeditions with some travel expenses and in-kind service support. 

Not only has the Travato been beneficial during the Warrior Expeditions events, it has also allowed Sean to travel to various Winnebago events – including some owner meetups and a Winnebago Grand National Rally where the program was featured as a non-profit partner. 

So, if Sean’s name sounds familiar, that’s probably why! A group of fellow Travato owners even joined him a few years back to volunteer their time in support of an annual hiking event – which ended up being a special bonding experience for this owner group.

Warrior Expeditions group sitting in front of Winnebago Travato with gear
However, as the organization grows, more vehicles are needed to support their efforts. So, Warrior Expeditions is now part of the Winnebago Towables family as well!

Offering Support (& Storage!)

On each Warrior Expeditions trip, veterans are provided with equipment, clothing, and supplies needed for the outdoor programs they will take part in. The program runs by the support of sponsors and donations. Winnebago Towables was excited to provide a Micro Minnie 1700BH as an in-kind donation to Warrior Expeditions in May of this year. 

“This trailer will allow our staff to safely travel around the country supporting our expeditions in remote areas, while also allowing us to carry the gear and supplies needed to outfit our veterans,” said Gobin. Winnebago Micro Minnie 1700BH floorplan

The Winnebago Micro Minnie 1700BH is a seven-foot-wide travel trailer stretching to just over 20 feet long and featuring two bunk beds in the rear with additional sleeping in the front. A full kitchen including refrigerator, sink, stove top, and pantry make the 1700BH the ultimate compact trailer. 

The unit will accompany veterans on their hiking expeditions and will allow for more gear storage, security, and a comfortable home-base. 

To learn more about Warrior Expeditions, donate, or get involved, visit their website.


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