Motorhome Identification

Identify Your Motorhome

Two items will help you to identify your motorhome: the Options Codes listed on the Retail Price Sheet (similar to a window sticker on an automobile) and the Certification Label.

Option Codes

Option Codes (also called Feature Numbers) list optional features that may be installed on your unit. The optional features that were installed can be found on the Retail Price Sheet that you would have received when you purchased your unit. The options are listed under the section entitled “Options Installed by Manufacturer”. The option code (or feature number) will be listed on Winnebago Industries, Inc. drawings to identify any geometry and/or notes that pertain to the optional features.

If you do not have the Retail Price Sheet, please contact your dealer or Winnebago Industries, Inc. Service Administration department for the list of options installed on your unit.

The first three characters is the option code (or feature number), a description of the optional feature is listed next, followed by the retail price of the option.

Identifying Your Motorhome: Option Codes

Certification Label

The Certification Label lists important information about your unit. The Certification Label is permanently attached to the unit in the driver’s door area and a copy is included in the InfoCase. Explained below are some of the items on the Certification Label.

Where to find the Certification Label:

  • InfoCase
  • Attached to the unit—the Certification Label will be permanently attached in one of the following locations:
    • Attached to the front lower portion of the driver’s door
    • Attached to the lower portion of the wall next to the driver’s seat
    • Attached to the pillar in front of the driver's door.

Identifying Your Motorhome: Certification Label