10 Ways to Save on Go-To RV Gear & Services with GoLife Perks
Get your RV ready for RVing season with these offerings!
By: GoLife Staff

Is your RV ready for your summer travel plans? If not, now is a great time to catch up on any maintenance that needs to be done, add any mods on the top of your wish list, revise your emergency plan, and re-stock your gear garage.

(Check the Winnebago App and this blog post for a list of RV maintenance items you should make sure you have on your list.)

While maintenance may not be the most fun, adding mods and gear to your RV can be an exciting endeavor – especially when you can take advantage of great discounts!

GoLife Perks is a discount program available exclusively to Winnebago owners for only $39.95 per year. While the membership includes many opportunities to save on camping, it also includes substantial savings on RV gear and helpful services.

RV Gear Discounts with GoLife Perks

Here are some of the high-quality, go-to RV products you can save on with your GoLife Perks membership …

1. EcoFlow Power Solutions

EcoFlow, an eco-friendly energy solution company, is a trusted name in the RVing industry – with many Winnebago RVs (like the 2025 Winnebago Revel) now including EcoFlow products. Their industry defining products include portable power stations, solar technology, and various smart devices to improve access to clean, reliable power during outdoor adventures.

(Watch this video by James Adinaro of The Fit RV to learn more about the power solutions in the 2025 Winnebago Revel, including the Winnebago x EcoFlow 5-in-1 Power Hub Pro.)

If upgrading your RV’s power system is on the top of your mod wish list, GoLife Perks members can save 10% off all EcoFlow products (one use per customer). 

Abby Holcombe keeps her EcoFlow Wave 2 between the seats in the cab of her Winnebago + Adventure Wagon.

Some top EcoFlow products for RVers include:

  • EcoFlow DELTA Pro power station allows for several days of off-grid energy and can help you continue to use your daily appliances when not plugged into shore power.
  • EcoFlow WAVE 2 air conditioner helps you stay comfortable when boondocking with the industry’s fastest cooling and heating.
  • EcoFlow GLACIER portable refrigerator includes the industry’s first integrated icemaker and wire-free chilling for up to 40 hours.
  • EcoFlow portable solar panels range from 60-400 watts, are durable, and made to work well with their other products.
  • EcoFlow Power Kits are a great option for anyone not wanting to build out their RV power system from scratch. This integrated and customizable solution has a plug-and-play design which makes it easier than ever to add a new power solution to your RV. Plus, it is compact, so it won’t take up too much space!
EcoFlow batteries installed in the Winnebago + Adventure Wagon.

Browse EcoFlow products made with RVers in mind to find the gear that works best for your off-grid adventures!

2. Michelin Tires

There are multiple options out there for RV tires, but Michelin tires are often listed as the top choice and have been ranked number one by J.D. Power for more than twenty years.

No matter what tires you choose for your RV, it is going to be an investment, so any savings you can get (without compromising quality and safety!) will feel like a win. 

Luckily, GoLife Perks members can save hundreds on tires through the Michelin Advantage Program. Plus, get additional savings on tires for your other vehicles!

Read this article by fellow RVers to learn how to use your GoLife Perks discount with the Michelin Advantage Program. (Spoiler: This program saved them more than $250! That’s over six times the cost of the GoLife Perks membership.)

3. RV SnapPad Permanent Jack Pads

RV SnapPad is the world's only permanent jack pad. Make leveling your RV faster, easier, and more convenient than ever before with SnapPad's patented permanent jack pads. 

GoLife Perks members receive 15% off any set of SnapPads.

Read this article to learn why the Newstate Nomads include this in their must-have list of RV gear. 

4. Winnebago Factory Service Center Store

If you are planning to tour the Winnebago Factory or take your motorhome in for service at the Winnebago Factory Service Center in Forest City, Iowa, don’t forget to browse the Winnebago Factory Service Center store for your latest needs or fun additions to your RV.

GoLife Perks members can save 10% on parts and accessories in the Winnebago Factory Service Center store. (Just note that new and lapsed members have a 30-day waiting period after purchasing the membership.)

A Winnebago Revel with WeBoost Signal Booster installed.

The store inside the Winnebago Factory Service Center includes go-to RVer gear and accessories, such as the weBoost wireless cell signal booster, Blaupunkt e-bike, portable power station, Luno inflatable bed, and 50-amp surge guard with Bluetooth. With the 10% discount, you could save at least $40 on each of these items!

5. Branded Gear at Winnebago Outdoor Store & Visitor Center

Do you love to represent the Flying W on and off the road? Browse the Winnebago Outdoor Store online or visit the Winnebago Visitor Center when in Forest City, IA, for branded gear and other items (such as drinkware and decals) sporting the Winnebago logo.

GoLife Perks members save 20% on any Winnebago Outdoor online purchase and 10% at the Winnebago Visitor Center.

6. Blaupunkt Folding e-Bikes

Winnebago recently partnered with Blaupunkt to offer test rides of these high-quality folding e-bikes at Winnebago Dealers and at the Winnebago Factory Service Center store. Blaupunkt e-bikes are lightweight, can be stored in tight spaces, and have a long-lasting battery, making them a great fit for RV life.

GoLife Perks members receive 30% off the MSRP of up to two e-bikes – a savings of up to $960!

Learn more about Blaupunkt e-bikes on their website, and contact your local Winnebago dealer to set up a test ride. (Note: To receive the discount, you will need to purchase through the company's website.)

7. Premium Roadside Assistance

This offering is part of the Winnebago Protection Suite offered through Coach-Net, one of the largest independently owned RV-specialized emergency roadside assistance providers in the country. The Winnebago Premium Roadside Assistance coverage includes your RV and all other personal vehicles. 

This plan (available for motorized and towable RVs) includes:

  • 24/7 emergency roadside assistance
  • Emergency trip interruption coverage
  • 24/7 RV technical assistance hotline
  • Coverage for utility trailers and tow dollies
  • And more!

GoLife Perks members receive 10% off Winnebago Premium Roadside Assistance. 

Learn more about Winnebago Premium Roadside Assistance.

8. Tire & Wheel Protection

Also part of the Winnebago Protection Suite, the Winnebago RV Tire & Wheel Protection helps you in the event of tire issues. Coverage includes 24/7 flat tire assistance, tire repair, and more! 

GoLife Perks members receive 10% off Winnebago Tire & Wheel Protection.

9. RV Insurance

Get the best available coverage at competitive prices with Winnebago RV Insurance, powered by FCIS Insurance. This service gives members access to nationwide RV insurance experts who can provide quotes from multiple companies.

The GoLife Perks discount varies depending on which insurance you choose. Call 800-642-4892 to discuss insurance options.

10. Autio Location-Based Audio Stories

Once you have all of your mods installed and safety measures set up for your next RV road trip, it is time to decide how to pass the time on your drive! Autio has a unique offering to help with just that … location-based audio stories.

With more than 23,000 stories across the Unites States to access via the Autio app, you will have an interesting audio experience for every part of your journey.

Go Life Perks members receive 20% off an Autio membership (for the first year only).

two smartphones with the autio app

As you can see from this list, there are many opportunities for substantial savings through your GoLife Perks membership! Learn more about the other discounts you can receive access to as a GoLife Perks member and register here.


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User commented on May 25, 2024 4:17 PM
what is the discount code for the RV SnaPads?
User commented on May 26, 2024 4:35 PM
The discount codes are only available to GoLife Perks members. If you are not yet a member, you can sign up using the form at the bottom of this page: https://www.winnebago.com/owners/golife-perks Once your membership is setup, you will receive an email with all the information on applying your discounts. If you are already a member, please email [email protected] or call 833-897-4952 to request the discount code if you have no yet received it. Thank you!