Take Care of Your Investment: RV Maintenance Checklist
Don’t forget to read your manual and do these important checks!

By: GoLife Staff

If you have not done your annual check of your RV yet, be sure to make that a priority before taking off on your first big trip of the year! Not only do regular maintenance checks help maintain your investment, these are important for your safety as well. You should also be doing certain checks quarterly, monthly, and prior to every trip to avoid and prevent issues.

Now is also a good time to re-read your RV’s operator manual to make sure you aren’t missing anything important. There will also be detailed instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

Another great resource in your manual is the maintenance chart. We’ve outlined some of what that chart includes in this article as a reminder of some of the checks and tasks involved in RV ownership. However, it is still important to check your manual for the complete list and anything specific to your RV.

Important Maintenance Notes to Remember

  • The maintenance recommendations listed in your manual apply for recreational use, if you are using your RV for long-term travel or in a heavy-duty way, it may require more frequent maintenance checks.
  • There are additional maintenance tasks listed in the manuals of each component and appliance included in your travel trailer or motorhome. Be sure to check all of your manuals so not to miss any important steps or checks.
  • Your manual will include instructions on the proper way to clean and maintain your RV. (This article gives an overview of some of the most important things to know for cleaning.)
  • If you are not comfortable doing any maintenance tasks on your own, schedule a service appointment to have them done by a professional. If you will be near Forest City, IA, consider coming straight to the experts at the Winnebago Factory Service Center.

For a look at how other RVers go about their maintenance checks, read this Winnebago Ambassador’s article about checking interior components as well as outdoor components.

General RV Maintenance Checklist

This is not a 100% complete list, but it will give you an idea of some of the important checks you should be doing regularly on your RV to maintain your investment and stay safe while on the road. Your manual will have more details.

Safety Equipment Checks to Do Before Each Use:

  • Check operation of all indicator lights (including turn signals and hazard warning flashers), horn, and windshield wipers. (Adjust headlight alignment as needed.)
  • Check fire extinguisher charge indicator.
  • Test smoke alarm, propane leak detector, and carbon monoxide alarm operation and batteries.

Note: It is also a good idea to get your RV weighed regularly to be sure you are within your safe weight range. This is particularly important for travel trailers. Learn more here.

See more safety checks to do regularly here.

Propane Gas System (Check Annually or as Needed)

  • Have system checked for leaks.
  • Get pressure regulator inspected.
  • Check propane tank condition, mounting, and fittings.

Plumbing System

  • Clean the water pump strainer filter annually or as needed.
  • Sanitize the plumbing system as needed.
  • Visually confirm bilge pump is discharging shower waste water as needed.

Electrical System

  • Check Battery Condition Meter before each use.
  • Check battery fluid levels and connections, as well as the GFCI receptacles monthly.
  • 12V Fuses and 120V breakers can be checked on an as needed basis.

Slideout & Leveling System

  • Check hydraulic oil levels monthly.
  • Inspect slideout room seals and clean as needed every three months.
  • Have the hydraulic lines checked annually.

Read more about slideout maintenance and best practices.


Note: These are general maintenance recommendations for RV appliances, be sure to check the maintenance guide specific to each appliance for full guidelines of use and more maintenance tasks to add to your checklist.

  • Water heater: Inspect and clean exterior vent before each use and as needed.
  • Furnace: Inspect and clean exterior vent before each use and as needed
  • Air conditioner: Check and replace filter monthly, inspect for damage every three months.
  • Range Top: Inspect and clean/replace range hood grease filter as needed.
  • Refrigerator: Inspect and clean the exterior vent/drip tray drain tube before each use and as needed.

Exterior Maintenance Checks

  • If towing, inspect hitch receiver before each use.
  • Check tires and adjust air pressure before each use, check alignment as needed (see more tire maintenance tips here).
  • Visually inspect generator before each use.
  • Clean sidewalls monthly, and clean windows as needed.
  • Clean roof and flush underside of vehicle every three months.
  • Inspect sealants every six months and replace as needed.
  • Lubricate locks, hinges, and latches annually or as needed.

Towable-Specific Maintenance

Here are some additional maintenance checks towables owners need to be aware of. Be sure to read the complete list and other tips in your manual!

  • Before each trip: 
    • torque lug nuts
    • inspect brake wiring and hitch components
    • visually inspect exposed LPG system components
  • Monthly: 
    • lubricate coupler latch and socket
    • complete LPG system check and pressure check
  • Annually: 
    • balance tires
    • pack wheel bearings
    • inspect brakes
    • lubricate locks
    • inspect suspension

This article shares a guide with additional checklists for setting up and taking down your travel trailer at a campsite. Plus, read this list for additional safety considerations.

New to towable RV life? These tips for backing in a travel trailer will be a huge help!

Remember, your motorhome or travel trailer manual will have a complete maintenance list and will also have directions on how to clean and maintain your RV. If you have any questions, please contact Winnebago Customer Care


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These are some great tips.
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Here are some tips in this article: https://www.winnebago.com/lifestyle/winnebagolife/gear/how-to-de-winterize-your-rv
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Check roof seams, mine leaked and ruined a bunch of the interior of my Minnie Winnie!
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Had a grey tank valve not opening on my 2021 Micro mini. After pulling the valve apart in the plumbing under neath, and finding it was operational. Turned out it was stuck at the housing in the cable right after the pull knob. Keep that in mind. Might save someone some work!!
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What is best way to maintain fresh water tank
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This is a great check list but a book with how too’s and products to use would be even better. I own a 2021 Travato I am on the Facebook group TOWB. Great group. But between the problems with the carefree awning and the leaking cowl. I need pictures or videos not just the checklist. But it’s a good start. Thanks