Service by the Experts – Winnebago’s Factory Service Center

Service by the Experts – Winnebago’s Factory Service Center
Perks for having service completed here and tips for visiting.
By: GoLife Staff

Parking lot and entrance into Winnebago Factory Service Center

No one wants to have to put a pause on their travels to deal with RV maintenance and repairs. That’s why, with summer coming to a close, fall and winter is the perfect time to get repairs, warranty work, and other services completed on your Winnebago so you don’t have to miss out when RVing season is back in full swing. 

If you do find yourself needing service work, the service center team at the Winnebago Factory in Forest City, IA, welcomes you to bring your RV in and is happy to let you know precautions are being taken to protect you as well as Winnebago staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Perks of Getting your Service at the Winnebago Factory

If you’ve never been to Forest City for a service before, one of the biggest perks is that the parts are readily available and the service staff has advanced Winnebago-specific knowledge as well as direct access to the product engineers, if additional help is needed. 

While your local Winnebago dealer’s service center should be more than capable of providing quality service as well, some owners prefer the skills and convenience of visiting the factory.

Also, as long as your repairs allow, you will be able to have your motorhome or travel trailer returned to you each night for you to sleep in. There is even a service center campground available for customers, which includes electric hookups as well as a nearby water access and dump station.

 Factory Service Center campground

Tips for Planning a Visit to Winnebago’s Forest City Service Center

Call Ahead. With the colder weather, fall and winter is a less busy time of year for getting a service completed than the summer months (when appointments are often booked weeks in advance). However, it is always recommended to call ahead to make sure the service team will be able to assist you in the timeframe you need. Calling ahead also allows for any parts that will be needed to be readily available in case it’s an item that needs to be ordered. 

Contact the service facility directly to set an appointment at (866) 311-7133.

Know What to Expect. Visiting the Winnebago Factory Service Center during the pandemic will be a little different than in past years. To keep customers and employees safe, Winnebago has implemented the following in 2020:

  • Pre-Appointment Health Screening phone call, a week prior to service appointment.
  • Health screening, including temperature checks, for all staff and customers daily.
  • The lobby is open for you and your pets, but requires masks and social distancing guidelines.
  • The service techs fog all RVs as they arrive in the service bay and before it leaves to protect employees and you.

Wondering what to do while visiting Forest City for your service? While winter weather and COVID-19 do limit your options, there are multiple local parks with walking or bicycling trails to explore. Also, check in on which Forest City restaurants are currently open and what they are doing to protect customers, including any updated processes for pickup or delivery. 

Research Local Guidelines. If you are visiting from out of town, be sure to make yourself familiar with the updated COVID-19 guidelines for Iowa. Depending on your route, you will likely need to research any restrictions or precautions to keep in mind when traveling through other states as well. (Read more tips about RVing during the pandemic here.)

Plan for the Weather. Depending on when you plan to make your service appointment, you may need to do some additional preparations to be ready for winter weather. Make sure you are comfortable driving in winter conditions and pack appropriately for cold weather. Don’t forget to ready your RV for the cold as well and winterize, if necessary. 

While a lot of RVers get the reputation of being ‘snowbirds,’ we know quite a few that actually love cold-weather RVing! The key is to be prepared and prioritize your safety.

Ready to head this way? Don’t forget to call (866) 311-7133 to make an appointment and ask any additional questions regarding what to expect.