How to Save Time & Money on RV Camping Reservations with GoLife Perks!
Winnebago owners can save on KOA, Passport America, CampScanner, and more.
By: GoLife Staff

Booking your RV camping reservations doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. There are multiple great companies with memberships that include special savings on your bookings as well as access to filterable lists of campgrounds to make planning easier.

You can save even more on your RV camping reservations with a GoLife Perks membership! For only $39.95 per year, this savings program – exclusive to Winnebago owners – includes discounted (or free!) membership to some of the most popular options for saving on campgrounds, RV parks, and even unique boondocking options.

Harvest Hosts stay at a Texas winery.

Remember, if you are planning to stay at a campground during peak travel times or in a popular tourist destination (especially national parks!), booking in advance is recommended. However, having some options for last-minute overnights (like Harvest Hosts and CampScanner) can really help when plans change … or you take a more spontaneous trip!

6 RV Camping Discount Memberships with Extra GoLife Perks Savings

These are some of the most popular RV camping discount memberships currently available. Learn how each can help you save on your bookings as well as the additional savings offered to Winnebago owners who sign up for a GoLife Perks membership.

(Note: All program details listed here are accurate as of March 2024 and are subject to change. Be sure to check these sites and the GoLife Perks page for the most up-to-date information as well as additional offers!)

1. KOA Rewards

With more than 500 locations across North America, you’ve likely seen many KOAs or even stayed at a few during your RV travels. But did you know that they have a KOA Rewards program

Here’s what you get when you enroll in KOA Rewards:

  • 10% off daily registration rates 
  • points toward cash off future stays 
  • a free night of camping during KOA Rewards Weekend (at participating campgrounds)
  • exclusive offers and discounts from KOA partners (including 30% off RV Mattress)

GoLife Perks members receive a FREE new KOA Rewards membership (a $36 value)! Once you are enrolled, you can easily track your rewards and access your discount options through your KOA Account or by using the KOA App. 

Brian & Becca Roy enjoying SugarLoaf Key / Key West KOA Holiday campground in Florida. Photo by: Kvidt Creative

Never stayed at a KOA? Our Winnebago Ambassadors love these campgrounds because of the reliably clean facilities, helpful staff, convenient locations, and pet-friendly atmosphere (they even have a KampK9 area!). Most KOAs also have a general store on-site with necessities like firewood and propane refills.

Read this article to learn more about what Brian and Becca Roy have to say about KOA, plus their favorite Florida locations! And be sure to read pro tips for getting the most out of your KOA visit in this article by Kenny and Sabrina Phillips.

2. Ultimate Camping Network

With savings of up to 60% at 165 RV resorts across the U.S. and Canada, an Ultimate Camping Network membership offers great value to RVers. Many resorts in the network offer members nightly rates as low as $15-35 per night. You can browse resorts by state and province using the resort directory on their website.

GoLife Perks members receive an exclusive rate of $89 for an Ultimate Camping Network Membership.

3. Passport America 

RVers have been choosing Passport America to save on campground reservations for decades. This well-known discount program for RVers offers 50% off at the nearly 1,200 campgrounds in their network – which spans across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 

Coronado Campground in Bernalillo, New Mexico - part of the Passport America program.

Plus, their network is continuously growing, with new RV parks, campgrounds, and resorts added monthly. You may even find wonderful campgrounds you never would have known existed without access to their network. Their free trip planning tools and mobile app also help save you time when creating your next RV road trip route!

GoLife Perks members receive 25% off a new Passport America membership. You can choose from multiple membership lengths, starting at $33 for one year (after the discount).

Read this great guide to using your Passport America membership from a fellow RVer! 

4. Boondockers Welcome

For RVers who love to meet new people while traveling, Boondockers Welcome is a unique membership program that connects RV travelers with people who will allow them to park on their private property overnight. With more than 3,500 hosts across the U.S. and Canada, this is also a great option to have as a backup when campgrounds are booked. 

Each listing should provide details on the size of RV they can accommodate and any other important notes. Some hosts even offer hookups! You can also read the reviews left from RVers who have stayed there before.

GoLife Perks members receive 25% off the $79 yearly Boondockers Welcome membership. (Note: There is also an option for 25% off a combination membership with Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome.)

5. Harvest Hosts 

If you are looking for unique camping opportunities in your RV and don’t mind the occasional dry camping, a Harvest Hosts membership may be a great fit for your travels. RVers who have used this program rave about the wide variety of overnight camping options – with more than 4,000 wineries, farms, museums, breweries, and other unique attractions to choose from.

Winnebago Revel owner Kelley Laustsen petting an alpaca at a Harvest Hosts farm location.

GoLife Perks members save 50% off the $99 classic Harvest Hosts annual membership. (Note: There is also an option for 25% off a combination membership with Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome.)

Read this article to learn more about the benefits of using Harvest Hosts, plus see examples of some real locations one adventurous couple visited.

BONUS: Headed to the UK? Why not make it an RV vacation with BritStops!  This program is the UK equivalent to Harvest Hosts and gives access to more than 1,000 unique overnight options for parking an RV. GoLife Perks members receive 18% off the retail price.

BritStops pub stay in the UK. Photo by Heath & Alyssa Padgett.

6. CampersCard

The team at Harvest Hosts created this option for their members who want to stay at campgrounds as well as unique boondocking options. The campgrounds that are part of the CampersCard discount program not only offer savings on nightly rates, but they also provide members with other benefits like early check-in and late check-out. Plus, members receive discounts on gear, entertainment, and even theme parks.

GoLife Perks members receive 20% off the retail price of $39. (Note that this discount is only available to new members and cannot be used by current Harvest Hosts members.)

Having Trouble Finding a Campsite? Try CampScanner!

Avid RVers know that snagging a campsite in the most popular areas, like national parks and major tourist destinations, can be almost impossible during peak times. Reservations usually open for booking months or even half a year in advance, so if you are looking for a last-minute option you are often out of luck. Thankfully, now there is CampScanner!

Camping in Zion national park. Photo by Katelyn & Howard Newstate.

CampScanner helps you find reservations at sold-out campgrounds – including national parks and state parks. Simply search their database of more than 9,600 campgrounds and create a “scan” to get notified when a spot becomes available. You can also get notified when timed entry permits and day passes become available at popular parks!

You do have to act fast when you receive the notification via text, but this is a great way to actually have a chance at staying at these coveted campgrounds during your RV trip! Plus, it saves you many hours of scouring the internet to see if any spots open up. Win-win.

GoLife Perks members get 20% off new CampScanner subscriptions (which start at $39). 

Winnebago EKKO in an Everglades campground. Photo by Noel Fleming and Chris Miller.

Most RVers have a list of go-to apps and camping memberships they use to plan and book their overnight stays. Having multiple options on hand is key not only when trying to find a campsite during a busy time of year, but also when looking for the best fit for your budget or a stand-out camping experience. 

The Winnebago team is excited to offer you even more savings and resources with a GoLife Perks membership. In addition to discounts on the memberships listed in this article, you can also save on group RV tours and caravans, EcoFlow energy solution products, Michelin Tires, Winnebago apparel, roadside assistance, and more!

Sign up for GoLife Perks here (using the form at the bottom of the page). Note that you will need to be able to provide your RV’s serial number or VIN when signing up since this offer is for Winnebago owners only. Already a GoLife Perks member? Learn more about getting started with your membership in this article.


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