RV Tech: Modern Amenities of Home Available in Winnebago RVs
From app-based controls to modern kitchens and creative storage solutions.

By: GoLife Staff

RVers often refer to their rigs as a “rolling home” and, with the latest technology and features, more of the comforts and conveniences of a traditional house are now available in Winnebago RVs! 

This article shares a few examples of the modern amenities of home available in Winnebago’s latest RV lineup. Note that some of these features are model-specific, so be sure to confirm an RV has the features you desire before making a purchase. 

1. App-Based Home Controls

At your house, you may be used to using technology to turn off lights or lock your doors right from your phone. Similar app-based technology is now making RV life more convenient as well!

Through the integrated and easy to use Winnebago Control panel, you have convenient access to all major coach systems in one place or from an app on your phone. 

This option and its features may vary depending on which RV you choose, but here is an example of the Winnebago Control panel in the Class A Journey:

Many RVs also come pre-wired to easily add a tire pressure monitoring system, and the Winnebago Revel even has an option to monitor the battery via Bluetooth!

2. Upgraded Entertainment Features

While RVing is often about getting outdoors, it’s always nice to have a cozy movie night after coming home from your adventures (or the option for a show bingeing session on a rainy day). Many of the Class A and C Winnebago models now feature large televisions in the living area with an option for theater seating or upgraded entertainment packages. 

In the Winnebago Adventurer, the theater seating in the living area even comes with power recline, heat, and massage to help you take relaxation to a new level.

There are also multiple Winnebago RVs with an outdoor television – perfect for watching your favorite sports team while cooking out!

3. Accessibility Enhanced Options

For wheelchair users, Winnebago’s accessibility enhanced options offer a comfortable way to travel using some of the technology or upgrades you may already have in your stationary home or daily use vehicle. 

The Winnebago Inspire Class A RV and Roam camper van both offer a wheelchair lift and other solutions to make access to the RV features and components easier. 

For more insights into Winnebago's accessibility enhanced options, read this article about traveling in the Inspire, or this one about a family road trip in the Roam.

4. Modernized Kitchens

RV kitchens are now offering a more traditional cooking and dining experience – with residential-sized refrigerators offered when space allows, deeper sinks for easier meal prep and clean-up, as well as energy-efficient appliances to use less power when off-grid. You can even find induction cooktops in some models, like the Winnebago View!

Read tips for making the most of your RV kitchen, here.

5. Comfort from the Cold

With better insulation, on-demand hot water, and efficient heating systems, modern RVs can hold up to cold temperatures much better than in the past. While extreme cold should still be avoided, some models are rated as all-weather vehicles and can be used for winter camping. 

For example, thanks to the Truma VarioHeat system and extensive proprietary insulation, the Solis Pocket is Gold Certified for cold weather capability by Truma (a world leader in RV heating and cooling).

For more information on winter RVing, read these tips.

6. Abundant Access to Power

With solar panels, more efficient batteries, and features that help to extend power usage, you can now stay off-grid in your motorhome or travel trailer even longer. 

For example, the Pure3 Advanced Energy System in the Travato 59GL and 59KL models provides more than 9,000 useable watt-hours of power (over 12,000 with the optional four-module energy pack). And the Micro Minnie FLX features allow for off-grid use up to five days. 

You will also find pre-wiring for WiFI extenders, USB outlets conveniently placed for charging devices, and some models even come with wireless phone chargers.

7. Creative Storage & Sleeping Solutions

Making the most of small spaces is a popular trend for homeowners, and this has definitely taken off in the RVing community as well. Winnebago product planners are always looking for creative ways to add extra storage areas for gear and other necessities. 

Murphy beds, convertible dinettes, and drop-down beds all offer flexibility to choose how the space is used. The power-lift bed in the Revel is a unique option that offers a gear garage with enough space for bicycles and other items. And the pop-top sleeping area in some Solis and EKKO floorplans is another new option being offered for a flexible sleeping space.

It is an exciting time to be an RVer with so many new and interesting tech advancements coming out each year. What RV tech or amenity do you love in your RV or would like to see as a future option?


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