An intro to 55+ RV Resort Communities
Pros and cons of campgrounds that cater to older generations.
By: Ann & Lin Bishop


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Earlier this year, Lin and I stayed at our first 55+ RV resort community in South Texas. While neither of us are 55 years old yet, we have some good friends who are, and they asked us to come join them for a month.

We had always wanted to experience a 55+ RV resort as they seemed very appealing to us. Huge pools, large pickleball courts, and well-maintained facilities that typically make up a resort of this type. They are located all over the country, but mainly in the south which draws in the ‘snowbirds’ during the winter.

If you don’t have a connection (like our friends who own an RV lot at one) and if you or anyone traveling with you in your RV is under the age of 55, be sure to call ahead before making a reservation online. Although some 55+ communities welcome younger visitors, rules do vary. Arriving at the resort excited about your stay only to be told you are not old enough would sure put a damper on things! 

Pros and Cons Of 55+ RV Resort Communities

 Resort communities for the 55+ population definitely keep their guests entertained. Between bingo, wood working, quilting, jewelry making, bird watching, water aerobics, shuffleboard, pickleball, and themed dance nights (to name a few) you are sure to stay busy. 

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RVers from as far north as Canada travel south to these resorts to call them home during the winter. Meeting people from all walks of life, cultures, and languages make for an interesting experience. And if kids running through your well-manicured campsite or speeding down the paved streets on their bikes is not ideal, then these resorts are for you. 

Unfortunately, 55+ resort communities are typically more expensive than other RV parks. But you are also getting more bang for your buck when you consider all of the activities that are available at your disposal.

Just keep in mind, most 55+ communities are also much larger parks with hundreds of RV sites. If you love the quaintness of state parks or the solitude of boondocking, then keep your rig rolling on by. And if you have young kids or teenagers onboard then definitely consider other camping options.

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What Might Future 55+ Communities Look Like

As Gen Xers (those born between 1965-1980), Lin and I didn’t quite fit in with the majority of the people at the 55+ resort community we visited. Even though everyone there was nothing but kind, the generational gap was just way too far off for us to really connect with most of the folks there.

But our stay did get us asking ourselves, “is this what the 55+ resort communities will look like when we are ready to settle down in one?” Or in ten to fifteen years, will 55+ RV resorts evolve to meet the new demographics?

Will the concerts they put on be “the oldies” music or that which we grew up with, like the 80’s and 90’s? Will the organized activities of shuffleboard and dominos be replaced with corn-hole and beer pong? And instead of bingo, will there be video game nights? Only time will tell.

Wherever your travels take you, 55+ communities might just be worth exploring. You may find that an organized community or RVers of your same age demographic may suite you perfectly. 

If you are a full timer, purchasing an RV site at one of these resorts may even be a great option for when you are ready to drive less and have a base to call home.

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Have you ever stayed at a 55+ RV resort community? If so, share with us what your experience has been like!



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