winnabego motorhome driving through a tight cave at night

Revel Mod Showcase: Off-Road & Perimeter Lighting Video
Light up dark roads and campsites with this useful gear upgrade.
By: Peter Holcombe

winnabego motorhome driving through a tight cave at night

In the latest installment of his mods video series, Peter Holcombe shares one of his favorite modifications to the Winnebago Revel yet: off-road and perimeter lighting.

Peter uses multiple Lightforce products to achieve his ideal lighting setup, including the Genesis Driving Lights (installed on the grill with a floating light mount), Dual-Row Light Bar, and Roc-40 Proximity Lights. In addition to sharing why he loves these upgrades, Peter also gives some helpful tips for installation.

Important Note: As for any mod, making these changes would be at your own risk and is not a direct recommendation from Winnebago. This video offers tips from a fellow RVer for those wanting to pursue this kind of mod. Please be sure to consult local laws before changing your RV lighting and know that this type of lighting should usually only be used for off-road purposes.

Read about some of the Holcombe family’s other favorite modifications in this article and watch another mod video about their rear van upgrades here.


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How about a list of materials?
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Great article. Thanks so much!!!