Revel Mod Showcase: Drawer System Video
A great option to upgrade the ‘garage’ space to a more organized system!
By: Peter & Kathy Holcombe

Peter Holcombe showing off Revel drawer modification with gear packed inside

The Winnebago Revel has been created to support a wide variety of user interests in one adventurous package. The crown feature is the large ‘garage’ space under the bed. This vast space is primed for work and play. But this space can become unruly if not organized.

Peter Holcombe has created a simple yet elegant two-drawer system to organize this space. It features two sliding drawers accessed from the rear doors and a large deck to hold a variety of gear bags. This system also features a large hidden locking safe to add security for his cameras and hard drives while parked in remote locations. 

This video will walk you through how he created this storage solution for his 2021 Revel. 

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User commented on August 11, 2021 7:47 AM
Those drawers are genius! Lot's of great ideas. Just wish I had your skills! Thanks for your excellent contributions to RV life. L Hunt