MO: Chief Winnies

Happy September! How did we get here already? These summer days seem to be flying by. We were just eating pizza and playing bingo at Majestic Oaks RV park in May, and now we’re getting ready for our September caravan to Nebraska. The camping season just isn’t long enough.
We had thirteen coaches at our August campout at Lazy Day RV park in Danville. This included our Ozark Winnies guests, David & Joy Murphy and Chip Wallace. Chip decided to have twice the fun and joined our Chief Winnies club too. Welcome, Chip! Rick and Cheri Cordt and Dave and Carla Heckert hosted this weekend and did a great job. We had Mexican takeout, played bingo and had a fun time at the cheap wine tasting AND the winner is …. St. James Winery Velvet Red! Life is definitely better when you’re camping with friends with cheap wine.

I just got back from Winnebago in Forest City. One of our slide outs needed adjusting and I wanted our coach to be ready for the President’s caravan to Nebraska. We’ll hit the Oregon Trail on September 20th. Right now, we have thirteen coaches headed out west to the Chimney Rock Pioneer Crossing RV park. We’ll be meeting at the Dearborn rest stop on I-29, mile marker 27, at 10:00 am that Sunday morning. Eleven days later we’ll be back home and looking forward to our October campout in Branson.

RV maintenance tip of the month - When putting new wiper blades on your coach, make sure they snap on securely or they might fly off while you’re driving down the highway.

Safe travels!
Bill Walworth


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