MN: Winnehahas

September 1, 2020

Happy Fall!

Here we are in September already!  I am so glad the heat and humidity is giving us a break.  I enjoy the sweatshirt and blue jeans weather much more than the sticky 90s.  Of course, with the change of seasons the days are getting shorter.  And now is the time for the great locally grown vegetables…sweet corn, green beans, and tomatoes.  Soon it’ll be squash and pumpkins, and of course apple season. 

Bill and I had a busy August.  The month started out with a trip to Mystic Lake with the Southern Honkers.  We all came out ahead (as far as gambling goes), as no one stepped foot in the casino!  We had some good meals at the restaurant though.  The following weekend was the Winnehahas campout in St. Cloud.  When the sirens blared Friday night, several of us scurried to the Storm Shelter in the shower house.  Heavy rain added to the two inches that the campground had already received that morning.  After a bit, we made our way back to the RVs, trying unsuccessfully to dodge the puddles.  Saturday afternoon Mac and Dan came over from Pleasureland.  It was nice to see them and chat for a while.  They brought each of us a really nice cooler, a pair of mugs, and tee shirts.  We appreciate their support during this crazy year.

We missed the campout to Bunker Hills, as Bill had a prior commitment.  He was scheduled for a trip to Brainerd International Raceway to drive a Lamborghini around the agility course!  What a great time he had doing that!!  We rounded out the month by attending the campout at Melrose.  This was our first time up there, and it was wonderful!!  Many thanks to Erv and Shirley for all the hard work they put in on the event.   It’s been nice to see all the members that have been at the campouts this year, including those that have made day trips without an RV.  We miss those that we haven’t seen, and hope and pray that circumstances change and we can see everyone next year. 

Happy Birthday to those celebrating in September:  Williard Amundson, Shirley Hiltner, Bob Pretts, Terry Johnson, Joe Miller, Rob Ege, Deb Henrion and Jerry Otteson.

As my one-year anniversary as President approaches, I want to thank everyone for the support and words of encouragement through this year.  Definitely an interesting year!!  I wish you all continued good health and safe travels!

Stay safe!! 

Jean Schuldt

Winnehahas President

[email protected]


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