IL: Cardinal Capers

Cardinal Capers

Northern Illinois Winnebago International WIT Club Local Chapter
May 2022

May Campout!
 Wednesday, May 11 – Saturday, May 14
Where: Tom’s Campground
2626 Spring Road, Dodgeville, WI
Phone: (608)-935-5446

Reservations were due by April 22 and were to be made
directly with the campground. Please let Barb and Toby know if
you are attending.

7 Toby Watne
20 Barb Albrecht

28 Jim and Ginger Gastel

The April lunch was attended by Jim and
Ginger, Claudia and Roelf, Jerry and Delores,
Ed and Gloria, Richard and Tina, Eileen, Toby,
and Esther at the Grubsteakers Restaurant in

It was great catching up with everyone after so long. Roelf and Claudia are planning some exciting trips this year, including a tour of the Canadian Maritime provinces through Fantasy Tours. Jim and Ginger went from the lunch to their grandson’s open house of his new business, R & R Tires in Rockford. Sounds like a great place to go if you need new tires. Lynne is home after a stay in the hospital and is happy to be there. Husband David will have knee replacement surgery soon. Richard and Tina have enjoyed two cruises in the past few months. Making up for lost time, no doubt! Barb was at a Shower on the day of our lunch,but Toby came and it was great to see him. Ed and Gloria are planning to camp in the Midwest and Southeast this season after spending the winter in the Southwest. Carol sold her RV and is planning to buy a unit in Texas for the winter months. Esther has decided to stop camping and to spend more time with her family. Eileen sold her RV and has no plans to resume camping at this time. We will miss these members and hope they will continue to drop in on club lunches and stop by for a toasty marshmallow at one of the campouts.

Please welcome Larry & Karen Hamilton to the club!
arry & Karen are from Yorkville, Illinois. They recently purchased a Minnie 30’ travel trailer. They camped as kids, and later tent camped with their sons in Boy Scouts but are new to travel trailer camping. We look forward to meeting them at an upcoming campout

The second campout of the season will be in Mackinaw Illinois at the Kentuckiana Campground. County Music fans will be please to find live entertainment at the campground. The Kentuckiana Opry will perform your favorite country music at the newly renovated Opry building at 7:00 pm each Saturday night. To make your reservation, please contact Ann Polson by May 15, and she will give the names/requests to the campground. Ann’s email is: [email protected]


The 2022 Winnebago Grand National Rally will be held July 17 – 21, 2022 in Forest City Iowa. Registration opens in April. The theme this year is “Route 66”. It will be a celebration of the iconic highway, and all the sites along this memorable path, according to the Winnebago website.

You can also visit their website at:

Do you have news to share with the club? Please email me and I will include it in a future newsletter. (


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