Beginner Tips for RVing Weekend Warriors
Plus, how the Micro Minnie FLX travel trailer makes preparing extra simple!

By: Becca & Brian Roy

Traveling across the country – having mountains in your backyard one day and the water’s edge the next – sounds like an adventurer’s dream. While being on the open road on a full-time basis is something we would love the opportunity to do some day, it isn’t a reality for us right now. 

Like many campers, we have full-time jobs in non-remote roles that keep us from going anywhere the wind takes us. Oftentimes, a quick weekend away in the Micro Minnie FLX is all we can get, so we try to make the most of our time. 

Towing with an electric vehicle has made planning an essential part of any trip for us. However, even if you are in a traditional RVing setup, planning out your trip will help reduce stress and increase the time spent enjoying yourself! 

Our Tips for a Great Weekend Warrior Getaway

Be Prepared to Hit the Road

Because of our work schedules, we want to maximize the time spent at a campsite. To ensure no time is wasted on the day of departure, we make sure to complete all prep as early as possible. We’ve found that getting into a routine the few days leading up to the trip makes the process much smoother.

Our checklists used for packing up for a weekend camping trip.

We have several checklists to help ensure we don’t forget anything, but we also use checklists to plan out the tasks that need to be completed each day. These are customized based on the type of camping we are setting out to do. A trip to an amenity laden KOA site is going to drastically differ from a multi-day boondocking excursion. Spreading out the prep work makes the daily task list easily manageable when trying to fit around a full work schedule. 

One of the benefits of the FLX compared to our previous Micro Minnie is the very spacious and energy efficient refrigerator. We are able to pack up more of what we want, maximizing our time doing activities instead of having to set aside time to pick up provisions during our trip. 

Avoid Overpacking Your RV

The checklists can also help us to avoid overpacking, which in turn, reduces the weight of our rig and lessens what we’ll need to unpack when we return home. Make sure to check out the campground amenities, activities and, most importantly, rules so you know what to bring! 

One of our routines when it comes to choosing a dry-camp location is whether or not we can get water on site as opposed to traveling from our point of origin with the extra weight of full tanks.

The FLX allows us to pack much lighter than our previous model thanks to the onboard systems – mainly the onboard batteries, integrated solar, and powerful inverter. We are now able to leave behind the generators and additional propane needed to power them. 

Map Your Travel Route

Knowing what roads you will take and which to avoid is important in an RV, especially when you are tight on time. Since we have a fully electric tow vehicle, mapping out the route is just part of the process that begins prior to booking the campsite. What route will get us there with the fewest charging stops? 

Charging does take a little extra time and effort, so we may opt for what would normally be considered a slower route to maximize the efficiency of our tow vehicle. This comes with some unexpected benefits of a more off-the-beaten path scenic route. It brings us by places we might otherwise have missed by traveling the monotonous routes of the interstate. 

We absolutely love the minimal footprint that the FLX offers because it is easily maneuverable. The fact that it is only 7-feet wide has really helped when stopping to charge. The charging stations are often in an area that others may have problems with if towing a larger trailer.  With the FLX, we always arrive confident that we will be able to not only easily maneuver around the location, but also be able to drop the camper in an out of the way spot before plugging in our vehicle. 

The added benefit of having all the facilities in our unit available while charging because of the onboard FLX systems is also always worth mentioning. 

Read more about the unexpected conveniences of the Micro Minnie FLX, here.

Extend Your Stay

When you only have a couple of days to enjoy the campsite, you have to find ways to maximize time spent relaxing and enjoying the trip. We typically book an extra day past our intended stay so we can pack up at our leisure and possibly fit in another activity or two before heading home in the evening. We always notify the campground staff of our plans as a courtesy.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. It always seems to take twice as long to break down as it does to set up, but being able to utilize all the systems the FLX has to offer without having to be hooked up to water or electrical enables us to break down our campsite at any time and leave stress free. 

Making the Most of Our Weekend Warrior RV Life

By taking these steps, we were able to spend 37 nights camping in 2021, enjoying various sites around Florida in our previous Winnebago. 

Since taking delivery of the Micro Minnie FLX in 2022, we have seen that number increase to 43, which is 16% more. We attribute much of that, not only to the tips we’ve shared with you, but also to the capabilities of the FLX. 

Let’s face it, we are not all lucky enough to camp full-time but we can make the most of the time we do have with just a little extra planning! What are some of your weekend warrior RVing tips?


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User commented on February 12, 2023 1:36 PM
Great article! I never thought you’d be able to tow an RV with a Tesla! Neat! You mentioned creating “checklists can also help avoid overpacking”… can you share your checklists? We’re first timers and just purchased our first RV (a micro Minnie) and we are in the planning stages of our first trip! I’d like to see what your checklists look like! Tim
User commented on February 16, 2023 10:59 PM
Thanks for your comment, Tim. Congrats on your RV! The Roys sent over their lists and the photo has been added to the article. Hope it helps and that you have a great first trip! All the best, Winnebago Blog Editor