5 Unexpected Conveniences of the Micro Minnie FLX
Ways this travel trailer has been making travel, camping, and life easier for one couple.

By: Becca & Brian Roy

After six months of using the Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX, we’ve realized some unexpected benefits provided by this well-equipped camper that make our adventures on and off the campsite more enjoyable. From stopping to charge our electric vehicle to handling inclement weather, and (of course!) just enjoying good old-fashioned camping. There is an onboard system found on the FLX to tackle any situation we encounter, whether expected … or unexpected!

Here are some of the top unexpected ways we’ve used the Micro Minnie FLX:

1. Using RV A/C While We Charge Our EV

As some of you know, we’ve only towed with electric vehicles. Part of driving and towing with an EV involves charging stops. While the current Tesla models can replenish up to 200 miles of range in 15 minutes from one of the convenient and abundantly placed Supercharging network locations, that range tends to get halved when towing. 

When charging at these stations with our previous Winnebago, we often spent the time in the car with the A/C as opposed to the sweltering RV. FLX to the rescue! 

With the 320-amp-hour lithium ion onboard battery feeding a 3,000-watt pure sine wave inverter coupled with the Truma Aventa air conditioning system that is efficient enough to run off of the onboard system, we’re able to stretch our legs in the comfort of the cooled camper with all the amenities of being fully hooked up.

It gives our little cat Stella time to use her box and the pooches time to cool down after a quick walk during the 25-30-minute stops we make during our travels. The battery even provides enough power to use the convection microwave, so we can take a lunch break on the road without leaving our rig. 

2. Ability to Make Pit Stops with Pets

Sometimes making pit stops along the way is part of the adventure! We used to have to pass by interesting attractions on our way to our destination but now that we are able to keep the camper cool, we can stop for a bite or to check out a tourist attraction, knowing Stella the camping kitty will be safe and comfortable in the camper instead of having to stay in the car (with the A/C on of course!) 

Read our tips for pet safety when traveling in an RV here.

3. Waiting Out Inclement Weather

Let’s face it, no one likes setting up camp in unfavorable weather, but with the ability to camp year-round here in Florida, it’s bound to happen. With the FLX, setting up in poor conditions is now an option, not a necessity. The onboard systems enable you to wait out the storm while still enjoying the comforts of your camper. During the summer when it rains like clockwork here in Florida, we will more often than not wait out the rain while running off the onboard battery of the FLX. 

4. Features that Provide Peace of Mind

Having an electric vehicle as a tow vehicle makes our refueling stops a bit different. When our charging session is nearing an end, we always use this time to give the camper a quick once over. The last time we stopped to charge, we found a very long fastener had perforated our tire. Not being too sure how deep it was, as it was at an angle, we went about pulling it out. While the soapy water trick didn’t yield any air bubbles, we wanted to monitor the situation, but not have to manually check the PSI on the tire constantly. 

Luckily enough for us, we have the Tire Linc system since the camper comes pre-wired for it. Within Bluetooth distance, we are able to monitor the tire’s PSI remotely. Monitoring the situation while wrapping up the charging session, and while driving, was extremely comforting as we were able to conclude that there was no puncture nor loss of air. 

5. Hurricane Escape Plan

Lastly, we have come to view our camper as not just a way to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style, but as a backup plan as well. With the very real threat of hurricanes here in South Florida, we know we can pick up and go if need be. If the power goes out, we know we have the camper as an escape from the hot and muggy conditions that follow a storm. 

It also provides us a way to save the food from our fridge if the power is out for an extended period of time. It’s nice to know that the inevitable sunshine that follows the storm will continue to top off our batteries thanks to the dual 200-watt solar panels. 

Coming from our previous camper, that required shore power to power everything, to a solar/inverter/battery setup is a game changer. We never realized the immense convenience this setup could provide until we had it at our disposal in the FLX. 

Being able to utilize all of our onboard systems, no matter where we park, has proven invaluable. The expanded use without the need for lugging a generator around has been a nice, unexpected convenience as well. Overall, the FLX has really taken our camping trips to the next level!


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User commented on December 26, 2022 2:49 PM
Wow, that was an eye opener for me. Thank you for sharing. /Carm
User commented on December 26, 2022 3:01 PM
Do you think a model Y tesla could tow a micro minnie with no problems
User commented on February 22, 2023 10:12 AM
We are picking up our new 2022 M.M.FLX 2108 DS in a month. Do you think we will be able to use our Queen 8-in zinus memory foam mattress on the Murphy bed? I know it will be tight, and I'm planning on taking the little sides off of the plywood frame. I am hoping that our mattress is actually 59 in, not 60!