A SuperCharged Review of the Micro Minnie FLX Features
The Roys share what made the biggest impact on their hot summer camping trips.

By: Becca & Brian Roy (@superchargedcamper)

From the well-appointed amenities to the overall comfort and aesthetic upgrades, the FLX was quite the upgrade from our current camper! Whether you’re settling in at a fully equipped campground or boondocking without a hook-up in sight, the Micro Minnie FLX and its onboard systems are ready for any camping experience.

We took the FLX through its paces in three different settings: partial hook-ups, no hook-ups, and full hook-up campsites. All camping took place during the hot Florida summer!

1. Keeps You Cool Without Plugging In

Our first stop and our shakedown trip was at Jonathan Dickinson State Park where we had partial (water and electric) hookups. Arriving in the rain to our first destination, the powered stabilizers and 15-ft awning made quick work of setting up while staying dry. With the temperature in the 90s, we were able to wait out the rain in the comfort of our cool rig without having to plug in or deal with the hookups in the poor weather. 

Being able to run the A/C without hook-ups was thanks to the onboard 320-amp-hour Lithionics battery feeding power to the camper through the onboard 3,000-watt Xantrex inverter. 

Our second trip took us to McCarty Ranch Preserve which had no hookups and really put the onboard batteries to the test. The Florida heat can be overpowering, but the Florida sunshine worked in our favor by feeding the twin 190w solar panels to charge the 320aH battery. While we were not able to leave behind the propane generator for this trip due to the 91-degree heat and 96% humidity requiring us to keep the A/C running constantly, we were able to comfortably run off the batteries during quiet hours. 

With the efficient Truma A/C set to auto at a reasonable temperature, we slept quietly through the night with nothing but the sound of nature around us. 

2. Conserves Fresh Water for Longer Dry Camping

Conservation was going to be key for this trip and the FLX didn’t let us down. With our previous camper, we’d either have to hop in the cold shower hoping it was going to heat up quickly, or let the water run as the hot water makes it to the shower head, wasting precious fresh water. With the FLX there is now a third option: The AquaView Fresh Water Reclamation System. 

The Showermiser system will recirculate the fresh water through the Truma Aqua-Go water heater. And, with the help of a visual cue in the form of a color-changing piece of pipe in the shower itself, we know when the water is hot and are able to begin showering without wasting a drop. 

This comes in especially handy when you’ve got two pups in tow that need a spritzing from the outdoor shower or the conveniently located, quick-connect water hose that couples into the spray port. Due to their penchant for seeking out and rolling in mud and our limited means to replenish our fresh water tank, saving all the water we could was welcomed. 

3. Gives Peace of Mind for Pet Owners

The second day at this campsite was just as oppressively hot. Thankfully, our onboard systems provided a cool reprieve from the heat as well as peace of mind. If the generator should fail (due to running out of propane or some other reason) while we are away from the camper, the interior would remain cool for several hours, ensuring the safety and comfort of our pets. 

As some of you know, we always travel with our pups, Penny and Sigmund, as well as our diabetic cat, Stella. Being a 15-year-old cat, Stella doesn’t like to leave the camper most of the time. Her preferences include sleeping, eating, and of course, more sleeping. None of these likes mesh well with our biking, hiking, and kayak excursions so she prefers to remain in the camper. 

While we still utilize the Waggle, our onboard, cellular-connected temperature monitor, knowing that we can rely on the FLX to keep itself cool solely under its own power source gives us another layer of confidence that our furry campanions are safe when left alone for short periods of time.

Read more of our tips for keeping pets safe while RVing here.

4. Offers Parking Convenience & Ground Clearance

Our third trip took us to Savannas Recreation Area in Fort Pierce, FL, where we had access to full hookups. With a convenient 7-ft wide body, the FLX was a breeze to back into our spot.

This was our first time here at the Savannas and we quickly came to appreciate the increased height of the FLX sitting atop the oversized Goodyear tires. There were alligators everywhere! With the majority of the sites situated mere feet from the water, the distance between the door and a gator can be minimal as we had several reptilian visitors sunning themselves on the banks behind our site. 

5. Pre-Wired for Tire Pressure Monitoring

Prior to the trip, we received the Tire Linc tire pressure monitoring system, so we were able to give it a try. The FLX came pre-wired for this solution; adding the remaining hardware and pairing with our phone was quick and easy as the system is practically plug and play.

This has enabled us to shorten our pre-trip checklist as we would usually test each individual tire prior to departure every single time with our previous Micro Minnie. Now that we’re able to quickly check the tire pressure via the Lippert One Control App we are able to set off on our next adventure without the hassle of checking each individual tire’s pressure. 

Learn more about the benefits of tire pressure monitoring here, and review tire care tips here.

6. Optional Back-Up Camera

Another familiar feature that we’ve seen on previous model years was being pre-wired for a Voyager back-up camera. No matter how expert you are at backing up your camper, it never hurts to have “eyes in the back of your head” to avoid any blemishes on that sleek rig. We put this tool to good use as we returned home, ensuring we saw every potential hazard.

We are looking forward to the numerous trips we have planned in the upcoming months and can’t wait to share with you our experiences with the FLX. Whether you are at a fully equipped site or completely off-grid, we love that the FLX can fill the needs of any camping style. 


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User commented on August 25, 2022 6:18 PM
We also have a Flx. How many hours can you run the Truma AC off the battery? We like the camper but have had some minor issues, we removed the curbs on dinette cushions, easier to get in and out of dinette. Put shelves in closets next to bed and more shelves under bathroom cabinet. Still waiting for warranty replacement of xantrex controller displays an error message.
User commented on August 29, 2022 1:58 PM
Thank you for sharing how you've made some adjustments to make your experience in the FLX even better! The Roys wanted to make sure they had updated data to answer your question; here is their reply: "With a slight over cast, outside temperatures touching 90° with no shade, we set the temperature to 77° on auto. The onboard systems functioned for 7-1/2 hours with the a/c running for the entirety here in South Florida.” Hope this helps!
User commented on October 1, 2022 10:12 PM
16 years of RVing, all 49 states & Canada with 3 different RVs. We just purchased a 2023 Flex-FBS (out 1st TT) with the dining table/booth. Our last RV was a LTV with 200 watts of solar and a 1000 watt inverter. We did drycamping for 7, 10, 12 days with ease as we understand the importance of conserving water. Now towing an RV will be an adventure in and of its self, but having a 3000 watt inverter is really going to be a "game changer."
User commented on November 11, 2022 7:55 AM
Did you install the Voyager back-up camera yourself?
User commented on November 28, 2022 2:23 PM
All Winnebago travel trailers are pre-wired for Voyager back up cameras. You should be able to install it yourself. - GoLife Editor
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