Winnebago Vita 24P Tour Video & Highlights
This small RV delivers in a big way – the perfect safe haven for a doctor!
By: Kenny & Sabrina Phillips

Sabrina wearing blue scrubs standing in front of Winnebago Vita

Sabrina and I have been full-timing in our Winnebago Vista LX 27N for three and a half years. Sabrina is a pulmonary/critical care physician and she does what is known as locum work. We travel across the country going from hospital to hospital that needs her help. As you can imagine with COVID-19 on the rise, she is currently in high demand. 

We want to do everything possible to help, but we also want to remain safe. There is a serious risk of her catching the coronavirus at work, then bringing it back home to me. There is also the risk of me possibly getting the virus and passing it to Sabrina for her to bring into the hospital. Both of these situations concerned us. 

Most hospital staff that we know are using their garages and guest bathroom to social distance from their families and keep them safe, but we obviously do not have that option as full-time RVers. 

Sabrina standing in white doctor coat in front of Winnebago Vista

Our plan was to hunker down in one location and purchase a small travel trailer for Sabrina to stay in until everything is under control again. Then we could sell the trailer after we were done with it. We figured in the long run this would be cheaper than renting since we could recoup some of the money after it sold. 

Winnebago for the Win

This is where Winnebago and the Vita came in. We contacted Winnebago to see if we qualified for a discount on a travel trailer through our WinnebagoLife work. They responded with, “we can do one better!” They offered to provide us with a loaner RV. We were shocked and so grateful! 

Their exact message back to us was: “You two are an important part of our Winnebago family and have done a lot for us. It is our turn to try to help you.” 

It is hard to put into words how amazing this was for us as we were really scrambling to figure out a plan to keep the two of us safe from each other while Sabrina goes in to take care of COVID-19 patients. Winnebago came through in a big way! 

Sabrina doing telemedicine at Vita dinette

Sabrina doing telemedicine work in the Vita.

Over the years, we have met many of the folks at Winnebago, from various departments including marketing, sales, production managers, directors, as well as the men and women on the factory floor that build the RVs. We can honestly say they have all been top-notch and some of the nicest, friendliest people we have ever met.

Winnebago really went above and beyond by setting us up with a Vita 24P. It has been a great solution for our need to distance from each other, and a comfortable second home for Sabrina that she has really fallen in love with.

The Vita 24P Tour

As you will see in the video, this motorhome is beautiful. And we are excited to share everything we like about this RV. It really impressed us both!

The full body paint really caught our attention and we love the silver/grey color called ‘harbor’ (this will be our choice of color on our next Winnebago). However, as wonderful as the outside is, we are going to start this tour on the inside because the use of space is amazing. Winnebago really outdid themselves on this floor plan!

Vita 24P Highlights


When you step inside the Vita 24P, it feels very spacious – even though this RV is under 25-feet long! There is plenty of room for two people to walk around. Sabrina has even been able to work out in it on rainy days. The use of windows is also much appreciated. We love how it brings in the feeling of the outdoors while staying comfy inside. 

You would think with all of this floor space that you would lose out on storage, but that certainly is not the case. There are plenty of cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. The cupboard space is very functional, allowing you to decide how you want to use the space. You can set some of the spaces up as a pantry or use it as a wardrobe. There is a lot of flexibility in here to meet your needs.

 Interior shot of Vita from front to back

When shopping for an RV, one of our must-haves is a good-size kitchen because we like being able to make all of our meals from home. The Vita has ample counter space, dual sinks, a three-burner stovetop, microwave/convection oven, and a 7.3-cubic-foot refrigerator. (Definitely check out the video above to learn more about this awesome compressor refrigerator!).

Another one of our RV must-haves is a full bath and the Vita 24P delivers again there. Sabrina really likes the deep sink with its high faucet, making washing up after work very easy. The shower is large, with built-in shelves for products and Sabrina also enjoys the skylight, which allows a lot of natural light in. There is also a very creative door for the bathroom that uses less space than a conventional door. 

The level of attention continues into the sleeping quarters. We love the windows in the slide that allow you to peek outside to see what the weather is like before ever getting out of bed. There are convenient power outlets and USB ports by the bed to keep your laptop and phone charged. Additional storage is also available above the bed.

Sabrina making bed in Vita

In the seating area, you have a dinette that seats four with additional storage under the seats, or you can go with the optional theater seating with removable table. The two captain’s chairs spin around and become part of the living area, making it perfect to entertain guests (once that is feasible again!). Above the captain’s chairs is your bunk area that gives you a very large 49” X 87” bed.


The Vita has a high level of comfort - a theme that continues while behind the wheel and traveling down the road. The Vita is on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis with a hitch rated for 5,000 lbs. It offers an abundance of safety features, such as airbags for the driver and passenger, a seven-inch touchscreen with navigation, and intelligent voice control that helps you keep your eyes on the road. 

Interior shot of Sabrina driving Vita

There is also a rear color camera to give you a better view of what is behind you while reversing. The Vita even has lane assist, active braking, and crosswind assist. All these features add up to a driving experience that is smooth and comfortable, it drives more like an SUV than an RV. 

This is really where a Class C of this size shines - you will be able to get into every national park and easily navigate through the cities and small towns. Another advantage of being in a smaller RV that I never hear anyone mention is the ease of stopping for fuel, there is never a worry of ‘will I be able to navigate into a small station to fill up?’ 

Vita at gas pump


We’re going to finish this tour on the outside of the Vita. Storage is usually something you must give up when looking at Class Cs of this size, but we are happy to say not with the Vita. There is plenty of exterior storage - 45 cubic feet, to be exact. The large doors make it easy to load up or grab what you need from storage. 

There is also a gravity fill for the freshwater tank which comes in handy for boondocking and there’s a black tank flush that makes cleaning the holding tank nice and easy. The Vita is a 30-amp coach and this model also has a 3,600-watt generator, allowing you to have full power even on the go. 

The roof comes with a fifteen-year warranty and you will find two 100-watt solar panels up there that are matched with two group 31 batteries standard from the factory. This will allow you to go off-grid right from the dealer’s lot. You can also expand the solar to 475 watts. 

Sabrina driving Vista

If you like being on the move and still having all of the comforts of home, then this is the RV for you! For more information on the Vita 24P, check out the video above. And to see all of the available options and floorplans, be sure to go to the Vita page on

We never thought we would experience life in a Class C RV, but Sabrina has been pleasantly surprised at what a comfortable home it has been and I have had a great time getting to know the Vita better while putting this article and video together!


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