Top 5 Features in the Winnebago Solis Pocket
Highlights of this compact and flexible camper van, reviewed by a van lifer!
By: GoLife Staff

The Winnebago Solis Pocket was inspired by everyone out there using vans for mobile living, gear hauling, and remote work. Flexibility was the guiding principle behind the design of this unique camper van. It is all-season capable, offers multiple customization options, and allows for limitless adventure.

Top 5 Winnebago Solis Pocket Features

1. Pro Master 1500 Chassis

The Solis Pocket was built on a short chassis wheel-base which offers great maneuverability. At under 18-ft long, it is easy to drive and park in tight spaces. The front-wheel-drive also offers amazing capability, even in winter conditions.

2. Door Screens

On the Solis Pocket, door screens come standard on the slider door and back doors. They roll up and snap in place when not in use, then easily roll down and zip to offer 100% coverage. The screen also opens magnetically. This is a great way to help keep bugs out of your RV while still enjoying fresh air!

3. Window Coverings

The window coverings are made of a durable, yet lightweight, material which makes them easy to store away by rolling them up. When in use, they offer privacy and block 100% of light from the exterior – perfect for urban camping!

4. Murphy Bed

The height of the Murphy Bed in the Solis Pocket gives you maximum space underneath to store gear or even have a dedicated space for pets. It folds up and attaches to the wall to offer even more space. You can fit two bikes in the back of this RV!

5. Versatile Dinette

The sitting area can be used as a day bed, dinette, or couch. You simply use additional cushions as needed to set it up in a way that best suits your lifestyle. It even has storage panels behind it – making it a great location to have a mobile home office.

Van Lifer Solis Pocket Review

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