Two people with a baby walking near their Forza motorhome

6 Reasons We Love Our Winnebago Forza 38D
Why this Class A motorhome has been such a great fit for one young family.
By: Heath & Alyssa Padgett


Heath, Alyssa and Ellie walking in grass with Forza parked in the background

Five years ago, while driving north on I-35, my husband Heath suddenly exited the interstate. 

“Babe, look at that retro Winnebago. I just want to go look at it real quick!”

Less than six months later, we’d moved into a brand-new 2016 Winnebago Brave 31C that took us across Canada and the U.S. (twice!). 

Heath holding Alyssa in front of Winnebago Brave with a bright green sold sign

Buying that Winnebago introduced us to the folks up in Forest City where we toured the facilities, made friends with the employees, and became Winnebago ambassadors. (That’s the fancy way of saying that we love Winnebago RVs so much, we write about them here on Winnebago Life and our blog,

After years of full-time RVing in our Brave, we welcomed our daughter Ellie to the world and instantly knew we needed to upgrade RVs. We wanted something that felt like home. Something with plenty of space for a crawling baby. And, the real kicker, room for us to run our business. 

And like a gift from the heavens, we found the Winnebago Forza 38D. 

Office space? Check.

Opposing slide outs? Check. 

Room for a crib? Check.

At 40 feet long, this mobile mansion is our home — and where our daughter just took her first steps. We're so thankful to Winnebago for our partnership in this extended usability test and opportunity to showcase this amazing floorplan that is perfect for a full-time working family.

Alyssa and Heath holding up Ellie in the living room of their Forza

As far as first homes go, the Forza has everything we need and I wanted to share with you a few of things we’ve loved about this RV while we’ve been parked in quarantine

1. A washer and dryer! 

Never before has this been such a big deal! 

No more communal laundromats over here. We can do all of our laundry in our master bathroom, which is great because babies sure are messy. 

Winnebago Forza 38D floorplan

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2. We have two FULL bathrooms.

When I first saw that this Forza had two showers on board, I thought there was no way we would use both. We totally do! Ellie has taken over one and we use the other. 

Bonus: Both showers can fit a baby bathtub!

3. The Forza is practically built baby proofed. 

Seriously, I wouldn’t have expected it, but the Forza is nearly baby proof. In addition to all the cabinets and doors latching closed, there is a stair cover over the front stairwell (no worries about Ellie taking a tumble!). There is even a LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system in the booth for a car seat, so we can drive while Ellie safely naps in her car seat. 

Alyssa, Heath and Ellie eating at dinette. Ellie is sitting in a high chair

4. Opposing slide outs! 

The Forza 38D more than doubles in size when you push out all three slides. According to Ellie, this is great for running laps back and forth in the RV and for spreading her toys out everywhere. 

For us, this means no bumping into each other while trying to pass in the hallway. There’s plenty of space!

Alyssa feeding Ellie in kitchen of Forza

5. Ellie has her own bedroom!

Okay, technically it’s the master bathroom.

Ellie has taken over the master bathroom and her crib actually fits inside, leaving us with endless floor space in our bedroom. Her crib also fits in the bedroom, but after our first night of accidentally running into it in the dark in the middle of the night, the bathroom seemed like the better option. 

There is a bunk bed option in the Forza too, but we use it as our office...

6. We can comfortably work from home.

This particular feature on the Forza 38D floorplan is the #1 reason why we knew we wanted this RV! The hobby desk is six-feet long with enough room for our computers on top and lots of storage space underneath. (You can’t even see that we keep Ellie’s bin of toys and two yoga mats under there while keeping plenty of leg room for ourselves).

Heath and Alyssa working on laptops at hobby desk

And yes, before you ask, the drawers beneath the desk are both movable and removable. So, you can really customize this space. Maybe you use it as bunk beds, a sewing area, reading nook, or as a little corner of the RV just for your dog. 

We run our software business, Campground Booking, from our RV, so having a dedicated office space is incredible. You don’t see it often in RVs (especially not RVs of this size), but it’s perfect for us. 

This year, we are working on starting our next business: a campground. We’ve been looking endlessly at properties online and are anxiously waiting for travel to be safe again so we can tour properties out west. Our first stop will be in Colorado.

Right now, while we (and everyone in the world) take a pause from traveling, we’ve spent more than two months parked in Alabama. We’ve been lucky that our motorhome has everything we could need to comfortably stay put for a few months. But we cannot wait to get the Forza back out on the open road! 

To see every nook and cranny of this beautiful rig, watch our video walkthrough: 



For more information on the Winnebago Forza 38D and other floorplans, click here.



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Hi, thank you for the review. I would like to see your walk through video of the 38D, but it says the video is private. Can you make it public please? Thank you! -Paul