Successful Second Annual Amana Mods, Maintenance & Merriment Meetup!
This gathering brought 42 compact coaches and their owners together for a great time.

By: Noel Fleming & Chris Miller 

Photo Credit: Amana RV Park & Event Center

“The Sequel” is in the books and we had a blast once again! Seventy-two attendees of 42 Winnebago compact coaches showed up to join in the fun, and boy did we have a ball! 

There were 31 Class B rigs (Solis and Travato) and 36 Class C rigs (EKKO, Spirit, and View) on site along with five wannabe owner attendees. Additionally, a number of Winnebago product planners, some with family in tow, and Winnebago’s marketing team also joined our event! 

We enjoyed hosting along with Kathleen Hanson, Terry Sue Boney, and Becky Ratliff. Cheri Golden, Angelique Goodnough, and Toni Parker also helped as Modulators.

Fun fact: returnees from last year’s inaugural meetup numbered 26 adults and 3 children.

So, what is this meet up all about you ask? Last year, this event created a new format option for meetups in three significant ways: 

  1. inclusion of multiple kinds of rigs
  2. owners helping owners do mods and maintenance
  3. giving back to a local non-profit

The activities extend beyond the usual inspiration of viewing neighbors’ mods. Attendees actually work together to complete mods and maintenance!

You can read about the first Winnebago Compact Coach Meetup here

Modulators Helped the Flow of the Event

While some aspects of the event remained consistent with last year, there were a few big changes to the format. The five-member co-hosting team decided to implement the role of modulators. One individual served as the modulator for the Class B owners and one for the Class C owners. 

The modulator’s role began with a personal touch of connecting with each owner upon arrival to share info about the meetup and gather details from the owner regarding what questions they might have, what mods they might want, and what skills they might lend to other attendees. 

Modulators assisted attendees in filling out pre-printed mod sheets, coordinated volunteers, and scheduled the work to be done. Their people skills and organizational talents resulted in a well-orchestrated timetable. 

It was a beautiful sight to witness the momentum as rigs pulled in and out of the garage and tools were shared up and down rows of vehicles.

Guided Mods Meander

If you’ve been to other RV meetups or rallies, you have likely had a chance to view other owners’ mods. This year we had two groups of mod-viewers; one group toured Class B rigs and the other group toured Class C rigs.

A host guided each of the walking tours. Attendees choosing to share joined the parade and, upon reaching their rig, popped out of the group and highlighted their featured mods. 

The group seemed to enjoy this format since it allowed all participants to be part of the tour, instead of waiting at their own rig for visitors to come. In order to keep the pace moving, a timer was set at each stop. 

Attendees kept track of what they might want to revisit or delve into deeper with owners at another time. Each rig had a sign on the windshield that was used throughout the entire meetup. The sign read either “Welcome” or “Not Now.” This visual served as an easy way for attendees to identify good times to revisit a rig.

Making Mods & Maintenance Fun with Teamwork

Like last year, we found ourselves installing wheel well liners, spray-painting jack points, securing loose wiring, aligning latch handles, adjusting roof racks, and more. 

The camaraderie was phenomenal as owners tapped into their skill sets to assist each other. Sometimes rigs were lined up for multiple tasks to be completed, and at other times a select group was organized for owners to complete the same project side by side. 

Regardless of the mod or maintenance item, there was always a willing hand, an encouraging word, and a hooray when the project was completed.

[Please note: Winnebago did not facilitate the completion of mods at this meetup. Mods were done by owners who decided to do so at their own risk with the assistance of others from the Winnebago family. Any mods noted here are not direct recommendations from Winnebago.]

Education-Packed Sessions

Quick Education sessions were also new this year. They were masterfully conducted by a seasoned Travato owner who led four sessions including: Go Digital, Basic RV Electricity, RV Toolbox, and RV Checklists. 

Many of the sessions used helpful information shared by The Fit RV. Additionally, attendees were shown how to access Winnebago-specific information online, such as schematics for plumbing and electrical systems. Such knowledge helps when ordering parts, working with dealers, maintaining your RV, and traveling with confidence.

Often, at the conclusion of a session, small groups of owners would huddle at their rigs, reviewing what they had learned and how the information applied specifically to their vehicle. 

Helping Local Communities

As with last year, sales of our raffle tickets supported Shelter House. Shelter House’s mission is “to provide safe shelter and help people improve the quality of their lives as they move beyond homelessness.” 

This year included a presentation by a representative from Shelter House Iowa City. She reminded us that everyone at some time is faced with crisis and the powerful role that community can play in addressing systemic poverty. Our contribution this year ($1,505) was very much appreciated. Click here to learn more about Shelter House Iowa. 

This year, we extended our reach and helped support a local Ukrainian family by purchasing an official Ukrainian meal for 70+ people for the event. 

Since arriving in the U.S. in October 2022, this family has been making and selling traditional Ukrainian-style dumplings, also known as “Varenyky.” 

Our attendees were treated to Borscht soup, a wide variety of dumplings, and garlic and parsley dinner rolls. Many return trips were made to visit the soup ladle and the dumplings were enthusiastically shared between tables. 

What a treat for us to enjoy such a meal and provide an opportunity for the family to showcase their heritage!

Gathering Feedback for Next Year!

Feedback was gathered at the conclusion of the meetup. Attendees’ responses made it clear that the role of the modulator was positively impactful. Attendees also indicated that they would enthusiastically return to another Amana MM&MM. 

The success of this event is attributed to the attendees and their willingness to show up, help out, and give back. 

If this meetup is of interest to you, we’ve got good news! The 3rd Annual Amana MM&MM has already been scheduled for May 16-20, 2024. Event information can be found on the Winnebago Compact Coach Meetups Facebook Group*.

*Note: This is a private group and you will need to request to join before being able to see any posts. A moderator will review your request, so approval is not automatic. Answering the questions provided after you click to join will help this process along. You do need to be logged into Facebook to request to join.


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User commented on June 3, 2023 10:41 AM
Many, many thanks to Noel and Chris along with Kathleen for the unique concept and flawless execution!
User commented on June 5, 2023 4:19 PM
You’re most welcome! It was a true team success that couldn’t have been completed without Terry Sue and Becky!
User commented on June 7, 2023 11:28 AM
Sounds great we will be at the next one god willing.
User commented on June 8, 2023 2:19 PM
Fantastic!!! It’s quite an event! Hope you make it!
User commented on June 7, 2023 12:41 PM
That sounds like an amazing gathering. What a great format to not only learn but also be able to teach. I’ve already put next year’s dates on my calendar.
User commented on June 8, 2023 2:20 PM
Excellent! You can’t help but have fun and learn something from this amazing group!
User commented on June 7, 2023 1:07 PM
I would love to attend but I’m not handy and I’ve not completed any mods on my Travato 59k . I just purchased it and hit the road . Can someone just observe other mods ? Cindy Wendling
User commented on June 8, 2023 12:54 PM
Yes! This would be a great event to observe mods. They also help each other with maintenance tasks while there, so it would be a good way to learn more about RV upkeep in a fun atmosphere. Thank you for your comment, GoLife Blog Editor
User commented on June 7, 2023 2:59 PM
Amana was a great time!!! Looking forward to 2024!! Planners did an amazing job organizing the event! Thank you to all that help organized the event!
User commented on June 8, 2023 2:21 PM
Thank you! So glad you’ve put it on your “be back” tour!
User commented on June 7, 2023 3:27 PM
I cannot get on Facebook page. Are there any Era’s attending these sessions?
User commented on June 8, 2023 2:18 PM
We didn’t have any Era owners attend this year, but all Era owners are certainly welcome!
User commented on June 18, 2023 2:21 PM
Looks very interesting! Is there any other way to access group information regarding next year without going to Facebook? I do not have an account with FB and do not intend to get one. Thanks in advance for any information you can share.
User commented on June 19, 2023 11:48 AM
Could not get an Authorization Code. States an error has occurred. Any suggestions?