Meet the Couple Who Won Wheel of Fortune’s Win a Winnebago Giveaway
Find out why the timing was perfect for the Hightowers to win a brand-new Solis!
By: GoLife Staff

We are so excited to welcome Joyce and Eddie Hightower to the Winnebago family! This lovely couple from Tumbling Shoals, AR, were recently the winners of a brand-new Solis 59P through Wheel of Fortune’s Win a Winnebago Giveaway. While luck was certainly on their side, you’ll soon find out why we’re the lucky ones to have them as part of our ever-growing community.

Wheel’s Big Winners: Meet the Hightowers!

As long-time adventurers and RV enthusiasts, the Hightowers were excited by the chance to win a new RV through Wheel’s Win a Winnebago Giveaway (part of the show’s national parks theme week earlier this year, and ongoing partnership with Winnebago – which includes the Wheelmobile). But they didn’t really think they would be the winners! 

Imagine their surprise when they found out that out of the nearly one million people who entered, they would be the ones taking delivery of a new Winnebago Solis 59P. And the timing was perfect!

Over their 55 years of marriage, Joyce and Eddie have had many adventures together. They even explored the country on motorcycles, and camped in a tent along the way, before becoming self-proclaimed RV enthusiasts. Although their first three were larger models, they were recently looking to downsize to a smaller motorhome.

That’s the really special part of this story: just a few days before receiving the call that they won, the Hightowers had donated their RV. They decided a smaller model would be a better fit, so they contacted a local charity in order to give their motorhome to a good cause so it could help someone else.

Shortly after their sweet act of generosity, the Hightowers found out they had a shiny new surprise of their own rolling into their life – and even at the smaller size they were hoping for! 

While winning the Solis has brought a lot of unexpected excitement, Joyce shared that the entire experience on its own has been wonderful, “from the very beginning when Greg with Wheel called.” They have been fans of the show for years, so that was an especially memorable moment!

She also couldn’t speak highly enough about how nice everyone has been throughout the entire process of getting their Solis. From Kelli Harms, their contact at Winnebago, to the team at the dealership where they picked up the RV. “It has been such a blessing to get to know all these new people.”  

Eddie and Joyce Hightower are congratulated by Michael Moix of Moix RV.

Of course, the Winnebago team has loved getting to know the Hightowers as well. We have certainly lucked out to get to welcome such a cheerful and kind couple to the Winnebago family! 

How Are They Liking the Solis So Far?

“It’s just unbelievable how beautiful it is,” Joyce happily shared when asked about the Solis. The compact nature of the van and smart use of space has really impressed them. Their other motorhomes were all around the 26-ft length, so they are thrilled to have a smaller RV and feel it is the perfect fit for traveling at their current stage of life.

The Hightowers only recently took delivery of their brand-new Solis 59P, but the drivability is a feature that has already stood out. Joyce noted that they were “amazed by how easy it handled.” 

When they got the Solis home, they had fun just sitting in it in their driveway and getting used to the smaller space. Joyce joked that when neighbors passed by, they announced they were on their first trip! Of course, all of those neighbors wanted a peek inside the pretty red Solis as well.

While they aren’t planning any longer trips just yet, the Hightowers are thrilled to enjoy their beautiful local area. Joyce enthusiastically shared that there are about a dozen campgrounds within 25 miles of where they live, with the popular area of Heber Springs just a short drive away. (If you have never visited Arkansas, a short chat with Joyce will definitely have you adding this state to your must-see list!)

One of the Hightower’s favorite campgrounds is actually just up the road. There is a gorgeous spot overlooking a scenic lake that they have in mind for the Solis’ first outing. They are excited to enjoy a little staycation while they try everything out in their new rolling home. 

Although they plan to sleep in the main part of the van, Joyce mentioned their granddaughter is going to be overjoyed to try out the pop-up top when she comes to visit.

Overall, the Hightowers feel the Solis will have everything they need for a nice camping trip in a smaller, easier to maneuver package.  “We are just enjoying the prospect of having a comfortable home away from home where we can be together and experience the outdoors.”

Congratulations, Joyce and Eddie! We know you have many cherished memories ahead in your Solis.


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