7 Unique Uses for Your RV
Alternative ways to use your rig when not traveling!

By: GoLife Staff

Winnebago RVs are perfect for a family road trip, off-grid camping getaway, or bringing the comforts of home to your favorite campground. However, over the years, RVers have also come up with many other unique uses for their rigs for when they aren’t traveling.

If you are looking for ways to get even more out of your RV investment, here are some alternative ways to use your motorhome or travel trailer when not using it for travel:

1. Lodging Rental

By now, you’ve probably heard of peer-to-peer rental marketplaces for RVs, like RVShare and Outdoorsy, that make it simple to rent out your RV when you aren’t using it.

While there are some risks to consider when it comes to putting your RV up for rent, many owners find this to be a great way to make some extra income to put toward future travel.

Read more tips for renting out your RV.

2. Upgraded Mom Van 

Whether you have a long commute after doing school pickup or your kids are in all sorts of extracurricular activities, using a small RV as your commuter vehicle can save a ton of hassle. 

Katie Chatwin uses her Winnebago Solis to shuttle her kiddos around and loves that it has a bathroom for potty breaks and changing into uniforms. She can also can have snacks, meals, and cold water ready for them in the RV to avoid grabbing unhealthy options when tight on time. Read why she loves the Solis!

3. Guest Room

For RVers who have a place to park their RV on their property, using it as a guest room for when you have company can be a great way to accommodate more people or offer additional privacy. It is also a fun way to introduce your loved ones to RVing! 

When traveling to visit others, may RVers also use their RV as a mobile guest room so they can be in their own comfortable space but still close to the family or friends they are visiting. This is ideal if your RV can fit in a driveway or if whoever you are visiting has enough space for your RV. Bonus points if they can let you hook up to electric!

The Phillips actually have so many RVer friends that they made sure to have a full hookup area at their home for when guests with RVs want to stop by. Read more here.

4. Office Space or Mobile Business

Many RVers with the option to work remotely are happily taking that as an opportunity to work from the road while traveling to new places. Working from home in your RV takes a little more planning than a traditional WFH situation, but it also has lots of fun perks – like a great view from your office window, or even the chance to work outside on a nice day!

Of course, you could also use your RV as a home office space even if it is parked next to your house! This could work great if you need some extra room to work on a project or take calls in a quiet space. 

Some people also use their RV to take their business on the road. There are some really unique jobs RVers are doing from the road! Some nurses and doctors even use RVs to bring their home with them to do locum tenens work in different cities.

5. Mobile School

Speaking of kiddos, some homeschooling parents even use their RVs as a mobile school. This is popular with full-timers who want to be able to travel while their child continues their education. A great perk is getting to plan your route to really help immerse your kid in the topics and places they are studying.

This article has some great insights on being homeschooled in an RV by a teen who was “roadschooled.”

6. Emergency Evacuation Option

For anyone living in an area prone to natural disasters, having an RV is a great option if needing to evacuate because it can allow you to drive into safety with the comforts of home along with you. This is ideal if needing a bathroom break when stuck in traffic or when hotels are all booked up, since you have more options of where you could potentially stay. (Note: Just don’t drive or camp in your RV in extreme weather!). Read more about unexpected RV conveniences here.

7. Adventure Base Camp

Whether it be hiking, kayaking, climbing, skiing, or any other activity that gets you outside, an RV works great as a base camp for your adventures. Many professional athletes use RVs for a base during their training or competitions, marathon runners and other racers use them as well!

Of course, using your RV for traveling as it was intended is always a good idea also! However, we do love seeing all of these creative uses and would love for you to share yours as well in the comments.


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User commented on December 26, 2022 12:34 PM
Our local food shopping options are a bit limited, so we take our Travato to do extended shopping trips. The refrigerator/freezer allow us to buy things that we wouldn’t want to leave in a car without cooling, which means we can make multiple stops on the way home and not worry about our ice cream melting.
User commented on December 26, 2022 4:09 PM
So smart! Love that!
User commented on December 26, 2022 8:06 PM
1. Our grand kids are scholarship college swimmers. We travel to many of their meets in our 24ft motorhome. We carry our two Bernese Mountain Dogs with us. Our travels include extreme winter weather. Much of the time we "Hotel Camp." My wife and daughter stay in the hotel. I stay in the RV with the dogs. Some hotels are nice enough to allow a 20A connection with an extension cord overnight. In hard winter, I leave the RV dry and pack a case of water bottles. We have 100W solar, generator [if needed], propane fridge, heater, & stove. I can watch live local HDTV or DVDs. It becomes my Man Cave. It is a comfortable way for 6 adults and two large dogs to travel. 2. We also used our RV on the 10 day "Bike Across Kansas." My 75 year old wife and two college aged grandkids participated. Temperatures during the ride ranged from 90F to 104F. My daughter and I came along in our 24 ft motorhome. In addition to providing sleeping quarters, a place to prepare meals, and cool place to relax, we also used the RV as a Water Point/ refreshment/snack station for the Organization. For this, we would drive ahead and set up our "Lemonade stand." Typically we served several hundred bicyclers as they treked across the state. The canopy provided shade when no other was available. I refilled water jugs from my onboard water. We helped with inflating tires and other minor repairs. On occasion, we became a rescue station for bikers that had heat exhaustion. It was a great, but exhausting experience.