As 27-year-old full-time RVers, the question we hear the most often in campgrounds is "How in the heck have you been traveling the country for four years in an RV?"

At this point, I'm not even sure what people assume (maybe that we're internet millionaires or hit the lottery?). Regardless, it never seems to fascinate people that we're able to earn our living while traveling the country. Even when we go home to visit family for the holidays, we have friends who think we've been on a 4-year vacation.

But there are many others like us who are able to sustain their livelihood while on the road. And we love finding fellow nomads who work and travel full-time. Since we host The RV Entrepreneur podcast and a Facebook group all about working from your RV, we've met hundreds of people who fit this bill.

If you're thinking about traveling the country, here is a list of some of our favorite (and the most unique) jobs for full-time RVers that we've come across.

Remote Control Race Car Driver

Meet Robb and Maureen from Fame Racing, a motorsports entertainment company that keeps them traveling to sporting events year-round. They spend a majority of their time at NASCAR races and county fairs setting up a booth with a remote control car race track, racing simulators, and a tire change challenge, in case you want a taste of life in a NASCAR pit crew.

Behind their diesel motorhome, they haul a massive trailer with all of their gear while setting up shop at events all over the country.

Fame Racing booth























Photo credit: Fame Racing

Voiceover Actress

While acting in plays or movies may require you to be in one place, voiceover work can be done from anywhere in the world! And according to our friend Carrie, all you need is a good microphone and a quiet place to record.

If you're thinking that campgrounds aren't quiet enough, Carrie let us know there's always one place in town that's quiet enough to record: the cemetery. Carrie has been voice acting for years and has worked with big brands like REI, all from her travel trailer. She recommends using a talent site like to find voice over gigs you can do from anywhere.

Adventure Photographers

Of all the jobs to take on the road, Kathy and Peter Holcombe have the coolest job title ever: adventure photographers.

The Holcombes took their photography studio on the road a few years back and have since become some of the best traveling photographers in the biz. You've probably seen a ton of their photos here on WinnebagoLife or published in various media outlets.

Abby, Peter, and Kathy Holcombe riding bikes down road

Photo credit: Peter Holcombe


Right now, hundreds of full-time RVers are making money through a Youtube channel. Our friends Nathan and Marissa of Less Junk, More Journey have over 65,000 subscribers to their channel, which is now their full-time income.

While most people--us included--make $0 a month on Youtube, there's a handful of travelers who make a full-time income producing weekly or daily vlogs showcasing their adventures. You can make money through ads or through a patron service like Patreon.

Mural Painters

While crafters and photographers who travel full-time are becoming more common, Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs of Greetings Tour have my favorite artistic job on the road. They use their 24-foot Class C motorhome to travel the country painting murals.

They've painted dozens of murals over the past few years in cities like New York, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, and more. They are ridiculously talented and if you pass through a city with one of their murals, you must snap a photo! You can see all of their murals on their website.

Bright mural painted on brick wall in Tucson

Photo credit: Lisa Beggs

Hand Engraving Artist

Jake Newell spends his nights creating hand engraved artwork so he can spend his days chasing his passion: building houses with Habitat for Humanity. Habitat actually has an RV Care-A-Vanners program that will help you find scheduled builds across the country.

Jake has been full-timing with the Care-A-Vanners since 2011 and running his business on the side. He has a workbench set up inside his trailer so he can create custom artwork from anywhere. You can check out his Etsy shop where he sells jewelry, pocket knives, and custom pieces.


When she and her husband started full-time RVing, Mandy Holesh was a wedding photographer and a fashion blogger. In fact, she still does those things, but recently started a completely new business from her fifth wheel: making jewelry.

Mandy is a self-taught silversmith (you can learn ANYTHING on Youtube she says) and she travels with all the tools she needs to make jewelry. She does all her work outside, which means she can only work on days with good weather. She sells her work on Etsy.

Hand full of handmade rings

Photo credit: Mandy Holesh

Of course there are other more common jobs you see from full-timers like freelance writers, travel bloggers, and a whole slew of web-development-related positions that involve computer skills that lay people like myself do not possess.

If you're interested in learning about other ways to finance the RV lifestyle, Heath hosts a weekly podcast called the RV Entrepreneur podcast. Each week on the show Heath interviews an entrepreneur who runs their business 100% from the road. We also have a Facebook community called The RV Entrepreneur where you can kick around ideas and learn how other nomads earn money on the road.


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