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Top Tools & Accessories for RV Life
From beginner must-haves to adventure travel go-to items.

By: GoLife Staff

Over the years, our contributors have shared multiple awesome lists of must-have gear, as well as reviews of products that make RV life even more enjoyable. Here are the top tools and accessories mentioned by fellow GoLifers to help you prepare for your first RV trip, working from the road, bringing your pets along, and more!

Beginner RVer Must-Have Accessories

If you are just starting out, these are the items you will need to have on hand.

  • Drinking/Potable Water Hose (about 25-feet long should work well!)
  • Dedicated Hose for Waste Water
  • Water Pressure Regulator (prevents water from entering RV at too high of a pressure)
  • Water Filter or Filtered Hose for Drinking Water
  • Disposable or Rubber Gloves (for emptying your tanks)
  • Extension Cord (in case your power cord doesn’t reach)
  • Electrical Adaptor (to be able to plug into other amperage outlets)
  • Surge Protector (also known as an ‘Energy Monitoring System’)

This article shares more details on why these accessories are important to have with you.

Other Helpful RV Accessories

While you can get by with the basics, many RVers add these accessories as well.

  • Jack Pads (if your RV comes with jacks, to protect the ground)
  • Leveling Blocks (if your RV doesn’t have jacks)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System 
  • Upgraded Sewer Hose (a longer option with secure connections and support)
  • Headlamp (for managing issues at night or in darker areas of your RV)

  • Basic Toolbox (see recommendations for what to keep in it here)
  • DampRid (to prevent moisture)
  • Showerhead that Limits Water Usage
  • WalkieTalkies (for communicating during RV parking and setup)
  • Supplies for Towing your Car (if you plan to do so)

Towing Gear for Travel Trailers

Of course, a proper vehicle to tow your travel trailer with is key, but there are a few other items you may need as well.

  • Trailer Hitch Receiver (compatible with your vehicle and travel trailer)
  • Hitch and Sway Bars (to help avoid sway)
  • Safety Chain
  • Hitch Lock (for security)

For more on towing basics, watch this helpful video by a knowledgeable towable owner.

Just-In-Case Tools

We asked avid overlander Nick Riebe what tools were needed in case of emergency. Definitely consider adding these to your must-have list, especially if going off-road or off-grid.

  • Shovel (for digging yourself out or putting out a fire)
  • Cutting Tool (such as axe, bowsaw, or chainsaw) 
  • Rechargeable Flashlight(s) 
  • Recovery Gear (tow strap, traction mats, shackles, etc.) 
  • Tire Repair Kit (most RVs do not have a spare) 
  • Satellite Communicator (to stay in touch when out of cell range)

Read more overlanding tips in this article.

Winter RV Accessories

If planning to RV in winter conditions, some additional gear and accessories can be a huge help.

  • Roof Box for Winter Sports Equipment
  • Down Comforter and Warm Mattress Pad 
  • Dedicated Snow Tires (if driving in snowy, icy conditions)
  • Extended Snow Brush
  • Waterproof Floor Mat (to keep all the snow and mud contained)

Read more from Kelly Laustsen and David Somach about their winter gear recommendations, here.

Everyday Life Accessories

These will make cooking, cleaning up, organizing, and showering easier.

  • Shower Caddy (especially good if using campground facilities)
  • Quick-Dry Towels
  • Resistance Bands (for easy workouts when traveling)
  • Tennis Ball or Massage Ball (for easing aches after long driving days)

  • Laundry Washing Bag 
  • No-Slip Mats (if storing things on slippery shelves or other surfaces)
  • Aeropress (for minimalist coffee making)
  • Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs
  • Unbreakable Wine Glasses
  • Shatterproof Dishware
  • Nesting Bowls and Cookware
  • Silicone Cooking Utensils

Read more about cooking tools RVers love, in this article.

Work-From-Home Accessories

For anyone wanting to work remotely while on the road, these items can be a big help!

  • Signal Booster (to have better cell signal)
  • ​Mobile Hotspot
  • WiFi Extender (extends public WiFi access)
  • Portable Power Pack
  • Laptop Stand
  • Back-Support Pillow
  • Wireless Mouse, Keyboard, and/or Headphones

For RV Pets

  • Pet Security Camera
  • Foldable Crate (especially for cats in case of emergency)
  • Adjustable Leash
  • Food and Water Travel Bowls
  • Travel Treat Dispenser Bag

Outdoor Fun

  • Solar Lights 
  • Sand-Free Mat (to help keep dirt and sand outside)
  • Grill or Griddle
  • Inflatable Kayaks or Paddleboards
  • Camp Chair(s)
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker 
  • Hammock with Tree Straps 

What are your go-to RVing accessories? We’d love for you to tell us in the comments!


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User commented on October 18, 2023 2:12 AM
Please inform customers of factory recommended cargo racks for travel trailer receiver hitch.
User commented on November 30, 2023 8:02 PM
You can reach out to your dealer for a recommendation. Here is a link to the dealer locator: Just note that the weight rating on the 2” accessory receiver hitch is 350lbs.