Towing Basics Video for Towable RVs
Traveling Robert demonstrates how he tows his trailer and shares other helpful tips.
By: GoLife Staff


Traveling Robert standing in front of Winnebago Towables plant with truck pulling trailer

One of the most frequently asked questions when considering the purchase of a towable unit is “can I tow it?” If you have been wondering what your ideal set-up would be, our friend Traveling Robert is here to help with his towing basics video.

Overview of Important Towing Basics 

Unsure of some of the terms used in the video? Here is a quick refresher.

1. Towing Terms to Know 

  • GVWR: Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) refers to the maximum permissible weight of any given vehicle. A ‘vehicle’ in this case, can be defined as an automotive vehicle or a trailer. In the case of a trailer, the GVWR is the most a trailer can weigh in total (when fully packed for travel). This number is determined by the trailer manufacturer and can be found on a sticker placed in the main entrance door. 
  • Hitch Weight: Also called the tongue or pin weight, this is the amount of weight a travel trailer's tongue places on the hitch it is mounted to.
  • Dry Weight: The weight of a vehicle or trailer containing standard equipment without cargo or optional equipment.

2. Determining Towing Capacity

Towing capacity is the maximum weight your vehicle can pull while towing. To determine maximum towing capacity, check your tow vehicle’s owner’s manual, or the door jamb on the driver-side door. The vehicle's ratings should be higher than the total weight of the trailer and its contents. 

3. Weight Distribution when Towing

Proper weight distribution is crucial to maintaining control over your vehicle and trailer as you travel. Be sure not to load all your travel gear in the rear of your unit as this can cause your trailer to sway when you’re on the road. It’s best to spread weight evenly throughout the unit. 

We hope you found this article & video helpful if you are considering a towable unit. For more tips and travel videos, be sure to follow Traveling Robert on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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User commented on July 26, 2023 12:05 PM
Do dry hitch weights quoted on the website / catalog include the weight of empty propane tanks? For FLX models, is the weight of the lithium battery included?
User commented on August 3, 2023 2:01 PM
Thank you for your comment! The dry hitch weight, or tongue weight, of each unit is weighed as that unit leaves the Winnebago facility with empty propane tanks. The lithium battery is installed in each Micro Minnie FLX before it leaves the facility, it is included in the overall dry weight.