RV Slideout Best Practices & Maintenance
Tips for using your slideouts safely and correctly.

By: GoLife Staff

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In order to offer more living space, many motorhomes and travel trailers include slideouts that expand the square footage of the RV with a push of a button. Like many other RV features, it is important to know the correct ways to operate and care for your slideouts.

While it is important to read your manual thoroughly for information specific to your RV, here are some of the top tips for using your slideouts and keeping them well-maintained ...

Cautionary Notes for Slideout Use

In order to prevent issues or injury when using slideouts, please take these precautions:

  • Know which button controls each slideout and be sure the slideout area is free from people, pets, and objects (both inside and outside) before operating.
    • No one should be within the slideout when in use (on couch, bed, etc.).
    • Don’t forget to check that your outside storage bays under the slideout are closed!
    • Make sure driver and co-pilot seats are not in the way of the slideout.
    • Check that the floor is clear of items and debris that could damage flooring and close all cabinets within slide
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  • Winnebago recommends that you keep the engine running while extending or retracting slideout rooms so the engine alternator can provide maximum power for proper operation of the slideout mechanisms. 
  • Make sure your RV is level (extending levelers, when equipped) and have the parking brake on before putting the slide out or back in.
  • If your bed is within a slideout, make sure you don’t try to put the bed down until the slideout is all the way out. Your RV should also prevent you from doing so. For example, a lock icon may show up on the control screen if you try to hit the bed down button while the slideout is still in.
  • If you have a travel latch, it should be secured while driving, but don’t forget to unlatch it before extending the slideout.
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  • Because the slideout roof is drawn into the interior of the coach when retracted, be sure there is no debris, such as excessive dirt, tree seeds, twigs, leaves, etc. on the roof before retracting. (If rain may have settled on top of the slideout, you could use your hydraulic leveling system, if you have this feature, to carefully lean the RV slightly to let the water flow off).
  • NEVER drive the vehicle or tow a trailer with a slideout extended.
  • Certain extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rains, heavy snow, and high winds, or any combination of these, could cause damage to the slideout room or reduce the effectiveness of its weather seals. Also, freezing rain and snow can prevent the slideout from closing and may cause damage to the slideout room, weather seals, and mechanisms. To avoid potential damage, Winnebago recommends retracting your slideout room during extreme weather conditions.

This video shares the process of detracting and retracting a slideout in a motorhome.
For an example of using a slideout in a Winnebago travel trailer, watch this video.

The Lippert Now app is another resource for technical information and how-to videos. Just remember, it is recommended to see a service technician for higher-level issues.

Slideout Care & Maintenance

  • Keep slideout room seals clean. It is recommended to keep them clean with just soap and water. 
  • Clean the floors inside the motorhome before retracting the slideout room to avoid floor scratches or carpet pile snags.
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  • The slideout roof should be waxed every spring and fall (or as needed). If the slideout is chattering on the roof during room cycling, wax should be applied after cleaning. 
    • The roof needs to be clean to provide a low-friction surface. Check the surface on a regular basis to ensure that there is a thin layer of wax present. Use a good, reputable brand name of wax. Regular waxing will also help snow and ice from bonding to the surface if the room needs to be retracted.
  • See your authorized dealer for regular maintenance and service of the slideout mechanism.

If you have questions or are wanting to troubleshoot an issue with your slideout, it is important to verify which system you have. There are several hydraulic systems used for slideouts, so be sure you are looking for technical information specific to your system.

If you are looking for higher-level technical help, contact Winnebago Customer Care. Be sure to have your RV’s serial number on hand to allow the agent to properly identify the system you have.


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User commented on December 27, 2022 9:14 AM
Thanks for the slide tips. We recently learned that our slide does not have a manual override switch. I would love to know why and if it can be added still to our View 20J.