Upcoming Outing - Alabama Meet-Up

The Alabama meet-up group of WIT is planning another outing Nov 11th through 13th at Wind Creek State Park. This state park is one of the largest in Alabama and is located on beautiful Lake Martin. We will be camping in Section C of the campground; the group has blocked a limited number of waterfront sites. Contact Fred Schlich [email protected] for one of these sites or book directly for any other site of your choice directly with the Park.

Wind Creek is a stop on Alabama’s Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail. All trails offer a variety of waterfowl, raptors and songbirds that are common in the park. Bald eagle and osprey can be seen throughout the year.

Area attractions include Lake Martin, Lake Martin Amphitheater, Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail, Smith Mountain Observation Tower, Flag Mountain, Coosa Wildlife Management Area, Forever Wild Coos WMA hiking trail, Forever Wild Goatherd/AF Yates Lake Wildlife Management Area, Coon Creek Forever Wild Tract near Tallahassee, Children’s Harbor, Horseshoe Bend National Military Park, various local restaurants and downtown Alexander City.

We will certainly meet around a fire pit as part of the meet-up. In general though, plan on a relaxing, unstructured scenic weekend.


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