PA: Three Rivers Winnies

Three Rivers Winnies met at My Brothers Place in Grove City, PA for our annual holiday gathering. Today we welcomed the Eiler, Darden, Dempster, Mueller, and McKnight families. President Ken McKnight announced that our club leadership will remain the same through upcoming 2020 year. He then presented the Muellers with a certificate as Honorary members for their many years of service publishing our monthly newsletter for our group. 

During our October luncheon $130.00 was raised for St Judes Hospital and a motion to add another $20.00 from our kitty to total $150.00 donation as one of this year’s charity. Another 15.2 pounds of Pop Tabs were collected and donated to Ronald McDonald House as our second charity. January monthly luncheon will be cancelled as many of our members will be away. We will resume our monthly luncheons in February.


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