OR: Cascade Travelers & Rogue River Ramblers

17 members from The Cascade Travelers and Rogue River Ramblers met Saturday in Eugene, Oregon at Sweetwaters on the River for a Holiday Lunch and discussed 2020 events. The two groups have members in an area stretching from the Southern Oregon border 170 miles North and from the Oregon coast 158 miles East, an area bigger than many East coast states.

2020 campouts include a five day trip to the Northern California Redwoods in May, the Oregon coast in July, and remote Joseph, Oregon, located in Northeastern Oregon in late September. Joseph is in the Oregon Alps with spectacular scenery. Any WIT member is welcome to contact the Oregon Group for more information. he final scheduled event will be a state club campout at Guaranty RV park in Junction City, Oregon in October.

Greg Brown


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