OK: Sooner Schooners

The campout at Durant was very small in comparison to the past. We had a very good time with plenty of food for everyone. I was a little disappointed that members from both chapters were not better represented. The office’s that were there made the decision since the attendance was low at state rally, we would go to every other year. Also, we were informed that spring campout for Okiebagos was moved to March 18-22 to be in conjunction with green country. At this meeting there will be election of officers for Okiebagos if we have volunteer’s, if not I will not speculate on what will happen to Okiebagos.

For the dinner Show on December call 405 224-7382. We have information on our Thursday December 5th Dinner Theater for a group of 20 or more is $49.91 per seat (per person) on the 3rd row Reserved seating. This includes everything, (Dinner, show, gratuity, and discount). Most of the ones that want to go show a preference for the 3rd row. This is the information we have, General seating on 4th row is $44.60 per seat (per person) this also includes everything. A brochure will be provided if you need one, we need to know the number of couples or single who are going, this could be a gift to your spouse or yourself for the coming holiday.  As usually you can bring family members the price is per seat we use.  Shirlene is making all the arrangements for this. Call her if you are interested 405-224-7382.  

I am disappointed that we had 19 responses when we suggested the dinner and show, when it came for us to get reservation only 6 couples and one single have payed to go. I know we will have fun.

Some thing to keep in mind is the election of officers for next year. If we don’t have officers There is no chapter.

A campout schedule is included look it over and keep those dates open so you can participate. I was informed that some members went to another campout that they needed to belong to that chapters, that is false you most belong to WIT and have a Winnebago product to attend any Winnebago’s activity.

The Sooner Schooners are looking for a volunteer for Treasurer for the rest of the year. We lost the previous one when they sold their coach and purchased a different brand. Interested members call 405-401-4115.

We would like to know if our members that have problems, would please call Reatha Hill so she can inform the membership if it’s your wish. Thanks, Reatha for keeping us informed.


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