OK: Green Country Winnies

On October 6th, we had 25 current, honorary and past members of the Green Country Winnies, Sooner Schooners and/or Okiebagos at our reunion at the Oklahoma City East KOA. We primarily talked with each other for several hours. We had walking tacos and dessert for lunch. There were five women who played one game of 31.  But for the most part we talked about old times, old friends and different places we had visited together.

Group of people outside building.

Those in front of the railing (starting from the left) are Howard & Ann Victery, Reatha Hill, Ken Zwiegel, Jean & Chuck Wilson, John & Mary Sill, Sue & Joe Wall and Arno Pautsch. Those behind the railing (starting from the left) are Connie Carver, Bob Adamson, Thelma & Larry Theriot, Mary Ann Turley, Darrell Carver, Jasper Biddy, Delores & Gene Parnell, Alice Combs and Fred & Freda Zacker. Fred & Janet Long also came but had not arrived yet when we took the picture.  Also Donna Zwiegel took the picture so she is not in the photo either.

It was so much fun. We definitely will have another reunion before too long!


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