MO: The Gateway Winnies

On December 7, 2019, we met at Arrowhead Building Supply in Pevely, MO. First up was installation of officers. Rick Austerschmidt gave the oath of office to new President Don Hardebeck. Then Vice President John Terry, Secretary Janet Foss and Treasurer Becky Casey were sworn in. Thanks to Rick for a fine job and congratulations to the club and new slate of officers!

Jerry Pogue gave the blessing and a dinner of fried chicken, smoked pork chops, potatoes, corn, salad and rolls was served. And, of course, dessert!


Treasurer Becky Casey presented the check for the club’s annual charity. The club had voted to provide tuition assistance to Jasmine, a student at Lutheran High School, St. Charles, MO. This need was presented to the club by Marshell and Janet Foss earlier in the year. Jasmine’s mother is incarcerated, and she is being raised by her grandparents, both disabled. Jasmine was struggling in public school but was able to transfer to Child of God School, St. Peters, MO, where she improved and graduated 8th grade. Through donations and a scholarship from the school, she continues her education at Lutheran High where she is now a sophomore. A check for $1,100.00 was presented to Marshell for delivery to the school. This will be applied to Jasmine’s junior year, the 2020-2021 school year. Marshell thanked the club for their generous donation and said that he recently spoke with Jasmine’s principal. Jasmine is doing well academically along with experiencing the typical teenage journey. Marshell will keep the club updated on Jasmine as he receives information through the principal. We played a fun game of “rob your neighbor” provided by Dorothy Zander (Thanks, Dorothy!) and read by Barb Soulon. Everyone went home with a nice gift. Thanks to Arrowhead Building Supply, Bev and Jerry Pogue, and Barb and Bob Soulon for hosting the event!


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