MO: Ozark Winnies

The Ozark Winnies October meeting was held on September 30-October 2 at Rutlader RV Park in Louisburg, KS. Reservations had to be made way back in May. Attendees were Eaheart, Huff, Johnson, Mastis, Mulvihill and a guest. Even though the size of the group was small, a good time was had by all.

Hosts for the meeting were Ludwig, Mastis and a guest host. Dave Ludwig did a lot of the advance planning for the meeting and then wasn’t able to attend. Thank you Dave, for all of your hard work.

On Thursday evening four of the group ventured out for dinner at Timber Creek Steakhouse. Friday was ‘flea market’ day. Seven of the group visited three different establishments. One of them had Muscato wine available for tasting. Now keep in mind that this is just a rumor, but the rumor is that they had to drag Susanne out of that flea market. Friday evening’s dinner venue of choice was the Louisburg BBQ and Brews for seven of the group. A few ordered drinks and it was learned only after receiving their checks that all drinks were doubles. Rumor has it. Well, enough said.

Saturday morning started with breakfast provided by the hosts. On the menu was orange juice, fruit cups, and egg and sausage or egg and bacon croissants. Of course, the main attraction for the weekend was the Louisburg Cider Festival on Saturday. There were numerous vendors, cider making demonstrations and the hit of the weekend; cider donuts. Several went home with a good supply of apple cider and cider donuts. There were also pony rides and inflatable slides, but no one was reported to have indulged in these activities. Edwin, Rocky and Carlon traveled to Spring Hill to the car show. On Saturday evening nine of the group had dinner at Timber Creek Steakhouse.

The campground had the meeting room decorated with signs welcoming the Ozark Winnies. They also provided each attendee with a personalized Ozark Winnies cuzzi and a Rutlader Outpost bag. There were no after dinner games for this meeting as everyone was too tired from perusing flea markets and cider mills. Are we getting old? Maybe we should take a vote at our next meeting to see if the chapter should purchase a supply of Geritol or some other nutritional support.



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