MO: Gateway Winnies

November Campout at Lazy Day Campground in Danville, Mo:

The Hardebeck’s arrived on Tuesday followed by the Pogue’s and Soulon’s on Wednesday. The Holtzman’s, Foss’ and Terry’s arrived on Friday.

Wednesday Evening:
Dinner was at the Buckshot Saloon Homestyle Cooking & BBQ in Kingdom City, MO. Barb Soulon picked this place and it is sure to be a favorite in the future.

We attempted to stay warm in our respective coaches. The Pogue’s and Soulon’s went to Pizza Ranch in Wentzville, MO for dinner and met up with the Foss’s. Marshell Foss, once again, distinguished himself by draining the establishment of ice cream.

Bob and Barb Soulon along with Georgann and Don Hardebeck attended mass at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Montgomery City, MO. Afterwards they had
breakfast at Sugar & Spice Laura’s Delights to celebrate Bob’s birthday. Meanwhile Jerry Pogue went home to feed his critters. Dinner was at the Stone Hill Winery Restaurant.

Breakfast was served by the officers. We had pancakes prepared by Bob Soulon, pork sausage prepared by Don Hardebeck and breakfast juice provide by Jerry Pogue.
After the breakfast we held the meeting. John and Lois Moll along with Trevelyn and Dorothy Zander joined us for dinner. The meal was catered and consisted of turkey, pork chops, dressing, mashed potatoes, creamed string beans and dessert. A fifty-fifty raffle was held. Georgann Hardebeck won the raffle. The club netted $30.00 and the charity netted $60.00. Afterwards, Dorothy Zander conducted several games. One of the games required John Moll to not speak so Dorothy devised a solution.

Sunday Morning:
Goodbyes and departures.


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