MO: Chief Winnies

President's Message - Bill Walworth

Hola from the Valley! This January Chris and I have been enjoying some fine weather and having a great time with several of our fellow Winnies in the Rio Grande Valley. We've been line dancing, eating out, shopping in Mexico, checking out local flea markets, attending Chiefs playoff parades, and mostly just enjoying being here.

One more month and we'll be back home looking forward to the next camping season. Unfortunately, we've been notified that we'll soon be losing two of our Chief Winnie
members. Nancy and Mike Colley will be missed, but Nancy tells me there's an open invitation for anyone who wants to visit them at their new winter home in California. Since Nancy was doing double duty as secretary and newsletter editor for our club, we're needing volunteers to fill those positions. doesn't have to be a woman. Please let me know if you'd like to come to the rescue and help us out with either of these opportunities.

The Texas January luncheon was hosted by Rick and Bette Kennedy on the 29th. There were 24 Winnies present, quite a turnout! We had a delicious meal with a short meeting afterward. The February luncheon will be at the home of Don and Betsy Wright on the 15th. Don't forget to let them know if you'll be attending.

I hope all of our Winnie friends are having a good winter and staying safe and well wherever you are. We'll be representing the Chiefs here in Texas when they win the Super Bowl. I'm sorry we'll miss the "sea of red" at Union Station after the parade. I guess that's our
penance for enjoying this 70 degree weather.

Go Chiefs!
Bill Walworth


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