MA: Quinebagos

Massachusetts Quinebagos Local Chapter by Pat Kane

This year’s "shakedown" campout was held, as usual, at Circle CG in Bellingham, MA from April 26th to 30th. The Pierce's, Iodice's, Murphy's, Kane -Thompson's, Comeau- Gerrior's, Frazier's and Russell's were in attendance. No snow this year so that was great! There was a good amount of rain and it was chilly. The sun managed to come out periodically and we were able to enjoy a fire most days. We enjoyed sharing delicious appetizers together. On Saturday night several of us went out to eat at the Willow Table Restaurant. In addition to getting various kinks fixed in our motorhomes, the campout provided us time to complete the design for the New England Rally decorations. We also made the centerpieces. The best part of the weekend was the time spent together sharing stories of winter travels and catching up on each other's lives. As usual, there was a lot of discussion of upcoming trips and plans to camp together again. All in all, it was a great start to a promising camping season full of fun adventures, especially the New England Rally which Massachusetts is hosting June 1st to 4th in Greenfield, MA. Hope to see you all there.

The May campout found us on Cape Cod at Sun Retreat, in Dennisport, MA formerly known as Campers Haven. It was held May 10th to 14th and was hosted by the Frazier’s. Having been there several times previously, we noticed that in addition to a name change there were other differences. The most glaring being the reduction of transient camping sites. It is clear that they are moving to a seasonal only model. This was a small campout as only four rigs were in attendance. We had a good time anyway! The Frazier's enjoyed exploring the cape on their motorcycle. While others went shopping, visited family who live on the Cape and explored the beach. Of course, we spent time visiting with each other too! We also finished up more decorations for the upcoming New England Rally! Speaking of the rally, we are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Safe travels!



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