KY: Kentucky Explorers

Week-Long Outing Friday, March 27 to April 3 at the Spring Branch RV Park, Spring Branch, Texas 830.885.2491 or

The Kentucky Explorers will be seeking warm, sunny weather the last week of March in TEXAS.  Come join-in.  Explore the sights on your way to east Texas, and plan for “day trips” to the cities of

San Antonio

New Braunfels

San Marcos


This is an adventure rally, with people to meet, things to do and places to go!

1. Friday afternoon, March 27th check in.  Mix and Mingle.  Dine out, or eat in

2. Saturday morning, Decision Day, 9 a.m.  As a group we will decide on the

a. place, time, dates & type of meals, maybe grill outs, “jobs” & contributions
b. select itinerary for the “day trips” and organize carpooling for trips
c. participation is always optional

3. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc. “Day Trips”

4. Wednesday -- Afternoon, 4 p.m.  Maintenance Workshop A

5. Thursday  -- Afternoon, 4 p.m.  Maintenance Workshop B

6. Friday  On-Your-Own     7 p.m. Dine Out: Farewell Dinner Together

7. Saturday morning depart and start another new adventure

Contact – Spring Branch RV Park for reservations, 830-885-2491.   Wagon Master & Winnebago Ky. State Explorers Club Pres.: Rachel Stultz, [email protected]


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