KS: Prairie Winnies

Prairie Winnies Adventure - August 12-15 

Hosted by Dan & Vera Streit

Coaches started arriving at shady Chautauqua Park, Beloit, on a hot 106 degree Kansas Thursday.  Most making it all the way that day.  Neufeld’s coach overheated due to dehydration at I35 & 24.  After it cooled down and had 4 gallons of water, it was up and running.  Wellers were not so lucky.  They got as far as Glen Elder where their coach was diagnosed with needing more air going into the engine’s cylinder.  Due to lots of luck they were up and running – the next evening!  Meantime, back at the campground a minor thunderstorm blew through that night bringing much cooler temps after we gathered at a Streit favorite, Tejavan Mexican restaurant. 

Friday morning was spent walking dogs. Since Neufelds were the only ones w/o I got to spend part of the morning visiting with local artist & musician Waleigh,  admiring his 3D mural.  If you haven’t gotten to see it you can next year- Mother’s Day weekend!  After much discussion Ryels offered to stay behind to let the dogs out.  We started the afternoon in a little silver shop in Glen Elder, then on to Tipton (population 193), boyhood home of Dan Streit and current home of Streit Granddaughter Emma Jones.  We would all love to claim Emma as our own!  We toured the Heritage Museum, Schools – that’s a story that made National news!  And the Grocery, meeting the owner who was going to be sworn in as an American citizen Sat August 14.  Also downtown we went to Blue Hill Game Birds Hatchery, then on to Ringneck Ranch where those game birds meet their demise!  Streits provided a great supper of grilled hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, calico salad and wonderful Some’mores Cookies.  Program was given by Kyle Peterson, a young man who has superior information about Mitchell Co and the surrounding area.  We all hopped on the bed of a couple ¾ ton trucks at sunset for a beautiful scenic bumpy ride to the top of Clark’s Knob for a view of practically the whole county and beyond.   Bet all slept well that night!

Saturday we carpooled early for Concordia, 29 miles away to begin an education on a POW Camp preserved from WW II.  Barbara, our speaker, gave a wonderful talk which was a real eye opener in world history.  After that, 2 guys went back to camp to let the dogs out, 2 guys toured the Orphan Train Museum and those interested in quilting/shopping were off and running to Belleville.  Back just in time to enjoy supper in the tiny town of Simpson at Trapper Joe’s Bar & Grill.  Back to camp for homemade ice cream/fudge sauce – thanks Nebels!  Sunday brought another beautiful day with Randall giving us Words of Wisdom and lots to think about.  Biscuits/sausage gravy provided by Hosts.  I don’t remember staying around to visit like we did then.  The town artist/musician came over on his red scooter to play, sing and take home biscuits/gravy.  Those enjoying the fun in Beloit were:  HOSTS Vera & Dan Streit,  Crafton, Nebel, Neufeld, Ryel, Veh, and Weller, 7 couples and 6 dogs - Oscar, Mia, Joker, Roxy, Rocky, & Ryels busy guy! 


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