Indiana Meanderers

The first outing of 2023 was held April 20-23 at the Bluffton/Fort Wayne South KOA Journey in Bluffton, Indiana. Our wagon masters for the weekend were Frank and Monica Lamm. It was just one year ago that they attended their first Meanderer outing and now one year later they were hosting one! Despite the less than perfect weather conditions, I think that everyone had a great time and we all appreciated their efforts in assuring that we did. Great job Frank & Monica!

We had a total of 12 campers at the outing with 23 people. Attending were Wrede & Kathy Banta, Ron & Peggy Campbell, Glen & Janet Gish, Mark & Sue Kistler, Ron & Tammy Kline, Chris & Sue Knochel, Carla Newnum, Frank & Monica Lamm, Mike & Ellen McLaughlin, Mike & Rachel Morrison, Mike Pieczko & Lori Tindall, and Fred & Carol Thomas. 

We welcomed new members during the weekend, Mark & Sue Kistler. They are from Logansport and have a Minnie Winnie. They have honey producing bees in hives and I hope to learn more about the process!
The outing began for us and Kathy Banta on Wednesday. After setting up we did the obligatory trip to Walmart for items forgotten and then stopped for dinner at Richards Restaurant in Bluffton. Then we had a nice campfire and enjoyed the warm weather while we could.

Thursday, folks began arriving by late afternoon and after setting up, we visited until it was time to run into town for dinner. We ate at Tyeger’s Pizza Parlour where there was pizza, calzones, spaghetti, sandwiches and everything was served fresh and warm. Quite delicious! After dinner, we made a trip downtown to Toppers Ice Cream Parlour for dessert. Sundaes, ice cream cones, and bowls of ice cream hit the spot. Later we had a nice campfire in Fred’s new Solo stove while games were played in Lori’s coach and we enjoyed another warm evening while it was still dry and warm!

Friday, there were eight who made it to the “boys” breakfast at Milli’s Family Restaurant while many of us slept in. Sometime during the night it had started to rain and it proceeded to rain most of the morning and part of the afternoon. By about 1:30 though it had cleared up enough to be outside. There were trips to town, visiting and game playing, and some napping made for a lazy kind of day. We had a pitch-in dinner at the pavilion with lots of good food and desserts. We had two campfires going as the cold front had moved in and with the wind it was pretty chilly. More games in Lori’s camper and from Mike’s description lots of complaining, but also laughter and fun.
Members playing games
Saturday, nine made it in to town for the “boys” breakfast at Hoosier House Family Restaurant while ten ladies attended Crafts & Snacks with Tammy. We dressed warmly for water coloring painting at the pavilion and had a nice time chatting and painting. Mark and Sue had prior commitments and had to leave Saturday morning but filled out the form to join the Meanderers before they left. We welcome them to the club and look forward to seeing them again at an outing!

Saturday afternoon a group went over to Ouabache State Park for hiking and climbing the fire tower. Rachel is originally from Bluffton and she and Mike took a walk to town. So while some got their exercise others (like me) got a nap in and rested.

Bob & Ruth Stoeckley drove over Saturday afternoon for a short visit and then they went to dinner with us at Milli’s Restaurant in Bluffton. There were 23 of us for dinner and then we had a short Meanderer meeting afterward in the comforts of the nice warm room at the restaurant. We decided it was warmer there than the pavilion at the campground. 

Sunday morning the sun was out for a bit but it was a chilly low 40 something degrees when we met at the pavilion for rolls and muffins. We sang Happy Birthday to Chris Knochel and then folks began the process of loading up and moving out. All in all despite the rain and cold it was a fun time in Bluffton and we look forward to the Lamm’s hosting again. 

Thanks again Frank and Monica for a great outing! And welcome Mark and Sue to the Indiana Meanderers. Carla said to thank everyone again this morning for trying to help with her slide issue. And thanks to all who came to the April outing. We’ll see you all next month!


Ron Kline, President
Janet Gish, Vice President
Carol Thomas, Secretary/Treasurer
[email protected]


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