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December Luncheon

It was a beautiful, sunny day for a drive to Fort Wayne where our December luncheon was held at Don Hall’s Tavern at Coventry. Bob and Ruth Stoeckley were our hosts and had arranged for perfect weather for the drive to and from. If you haven’t ever been there the Tavern at Coventry is located in southwest Fort Wayne and features huge rib eye steaks, smoked brisket and Great Lakes walleye. Attending this year were members Scott Feichter, Ron & Tammy Kline, Bob & Ruth Stoeckley, and Fred & Carol Thomas. Also joining us were former members Mike & Connie DeWald and Dick and Becky Dirig.

We arrived last (but at exactly 1:00!) and the goodies had already been passed out but ours were waiting for us at the table. And wow what a lot of goodies! Bob and Ruth had brought each couple a lantern which contained a battery operated candle. They also gave each person a Russell Stover Marshmallow Santa. Dick & Becky (and I mean probably Becky with his help) had made beautiful candle holders for each person which held a tea light candle. They also brought little stocking capped snowmen which turned out to have chocolates inside. Scott brought a bag of candy for each person which contained yummy mints, fruit chews, and holiday colored M&M’s. Ron and Tammy brought chocolate & candy covered pretzel sticks. And we brought bags that held a small storage container filled with various kinds of chocolate candies, a couple of tea light candles, a tea light candle holder, and a cinnamon scented sachet. As you can see some of the candies actually made it home for the picture (probably because I had the world’s smallest chocolate sundae for dessert)!

So we had great food and conversation and talked some about the plans for next year. Mike DeWald told us he was chosen to go on the Fort Wayne Honors Flight to Washington D.C in April. His daughter will be accompanying him and we’re looking forward to hearing about his trip and seeing some pictures. Ron & Tammy will be heading to South Padre Island later this month for the holiday and will be bringing in the New Year with much warmer climate. They plan on visiting with Glen and Janet and we wish them a safe trip and good weather. It sounded like the rest of us will be sticking close to home for the winter and hoping to not get snowed in.

Gene & Kathy called as we were heading to Fort Wayne and sent their best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all. Several people had evening events toattend so we broke up after a couple of hours and headed out. It was a nice afternoon with friends and a great way to end the 2019 Indiana Meanderers’ camping season. Looking forward to 2020 and whatever it brings!


Keith Bradley - Dec 19
Frank Escamilla - Jan 2
Gene Rieck - Jan 4
Glen Gish - Jan 10


Brad & Sue Rayl will be married 59 years on December 18. Congrats to them!

Have a safe and happy holiday season! If you have any news you want passed along this winter just let me know.


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