IL: Cardinal Capers


Our annual Christmas luncheon took place on Sunday, December 4, at Thunder Bay in Rockford at 1:00. Those present were Jackie & Diane, Claudia & Roelf, Ginger & Jim, Karen & Larry, Barb & Toby, and Kathy & Jeff. We passed out our Christmas cards and enjoyed the extra treat, a cute felt ornament from Jackie and Diane. Karen passed out the book updates for next year and has the remaining pages for those not in attendance. We discussed our annual non-profit organization we support, the Rockford Rescue Mission. Barb explained a little about the Mission. We voted to send $300 to the Mission for the children’s gifts from “Santa”. Thanks to everyone for helping support this great annual contribution! Tina will send a letter and the check.




Richard stopped by briefly. His granddaughter’s team won first place in the state cheerleading competition on Saturday! Congratulations to Eleanor and her team! Watnes’ bonus grandson placed second in his NCAA Division 2 college cross country race national championship race in Seattle. He was a bit disappointed, but the rest of the family was very happy with his result. One of Gastels’ granddaughters recently got engaged and they are going to fly to Colorado for the wedding next October. Jackie and Diane are leaving December 12th for California, where Jackie has family. They will spend the winter there. The Hamilton’s son in the Army, Brandon, recently received a promotion to Petty Officer 3rd Class. Congratulations! Claudia and Roelf had a wonderful fall trip and met up with other Vita owners. She said there were going to be quite a few more at the GNR next year. They found a campground in FL that had room and wasn’t damaged and will go in late January.

Thanks to Gastels for planning this luncheon and to Barb for the nicely written report.


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