IL: Cardinal Capers

Our August outing took place the weekend of August 11 – 14 at Country Roads RV Park in Lake Delton, WI. Those attending were the Frosts, Geskes, Hamiltons, Korzuns, the Watnes, and the Steffes family. Wagonmasters Richard and Tina Korzun with help from Ed and Gloria Geske hosted the campout. On Thursday we started with our business meeting, which included an updated from Barb about the GNR rally in July. We had our hot dog roast night followed by S’mores as the sun went down. Some of us remained at the campfire later than usual to try and catch the last super moon of the year but because the campground had so many trees, we really couldn’t see it well until much later. 

Group of people gathered outside an RV.

On Friday we gathered and went for a tour of the Root Beer Museum in the town of Wisconsin Dells. They had a cute exhibit with all kinds of Root Beer memorabilia. We concluded with a Root Beer tasting flight after the tour. The Friday night dinner was at River’s Edge Pub & Grill. On Saturday we had a lumberjack’s breakfast at Paul Bunyan’s Restaurant. The Dells has so many attractions, the WI Big Cat Rescue, the Upper Dells Boat tour, the famous Ducks, so we all had a busy time touring the area. Later at the campground, we had Bingo and a White Elephant exchange before the potluck. Sunday morning, we had a light breakfast and most everyone went on their way back home. Ed and Gloria stayed on to visit the Circus World Museum in nearby Baraboo.

Thanks to the Korzuns and the Geskes for hosting the August gathering. 


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