IL: Cardinal Capers

Our June outing was June 9-12 at Kentuckiana Campground in Mackinaw, IL. Those attending were Frosts, Geskes, Korzuns, Watnes, and new guest members Karen and Larry Hamilton in their 30-foot travel trailer. Ann Polson was ill and could not fill her Wagonmaster position, but Watnes and Frosts were able to fill in for her. Much of the preparation for the campout had been done by Ann in advance, so the Watnes picked up the food from Ann before heading to the campground. Thank you Ann and we are sorry you couldn’t enjoy the outing after all of the hard work you did! We all made it to the campground by Thursday afternoon. On Thursday night we had a campfire, roasted hot dogs, and shared other goodies.

On Friday, it rained and rained. We did have our business meeting in the morning, and a happy hour later that afternoon. We watched some teenagers playing on the playground equipment after the rain slowed down, getting quite soaked on the slide. They then got on the merri-go-round and Ed joked that they were on “spin-dry” cycle. We had a good chuckle over that. We had a wonderful dinner together at Micki’s Farm to Table in Hopedale. The restaurant was a gastropub located in this tiny town. The food was excellent, and the décor was unusual but charming. On Saturday morning, some of us got a Spudnuts donut from the campground before they ran out. Many of us had never heard of Spudnuts, but we found the unique potato doughnuts to be quite delicious. We then went to a nearby diner, Jack’s in Tremont, and had a hearty breakfast. Later some of us explored the local area. Ed and Gloria stopped off at a classic car show outside of Tremont. Richard and Tina went bargain hunting in the area. Karen and Larry explored the small towns in the area. Our potluck was Saturday night, and the food was delicious. We had a nice variety of food, and Ann’s Italian Beef sandwiches were quite a treat. Later we roasted marshmallows and chatted around the campfire. It rained hard overnight, but we all enjoyed our parting breakfast on Sunday morning. We deeply appreciate the Watnes and the Frosts for all they did for the group this weekend.  


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