IL: Cardinal Capers


The weather cooperated for our Christmas get-together at Thunder Bay in Rockford.  Members in attendance were Browns, Gastels, Hellers, Hickses, Dean, Richard, Esther, Watnes, and Dave.  Dave’s daughter and Franklins were our guests and it was great having them join us.  The buffet had a wide selection of all kinds of food which was enjoyed by many and those who chose to order from the menu also were pleased with their food.  In addition to our exchanging Christmas cards, Esther generously gave everyone crocheted kitchen towels!  They are beautiful!  Thanks, Esther, for thinking of all of us.  Toby handed out new CC decals Watnes had made for the members.  Those not in attendance who want one just need to ask him when you next see him.

Schulzes were unable to make the luncheon because their son was going to lend a hand helping them decorate their home for the holidays. 

Members brought some gifts for the kiddos at the Rockford Rescue Mission and Browns kindly took them to the Mission for us.  Thanks, Lee and Gwen!


We have enjoyed eating at Sophia’s Restaurant in Roscoe in the past so it’s a perfect spot to begin our 2020 winter luncheon schedule.  Directions are basically taking Rte. 251 north from Rockford to Roscoe but if you’re coming from the east it may not be the best way for you, which is why directions aren’t on the first page. 


Save Saturday, February 8th for the monthly luncheon at the Cherry Valley Café in Cherry Valley. 


Our gifts for the children were greatly appreciated and the staff and other adults enjoyed wrapping them for the individual children.  Thank you for sharing your blessings with them!

When IL Indians dissolved, those in attendance could stipulate where they would like some of the money sent.  All monies were going to be given to non-profit organizations that were suggested by members.  Rockford Rescue Mission received a total of $574.47! 


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