GA: Winnie Rebels

GWR February Luncheon at Hudson Hickory House BBQ
Hosted by Lyn Brown

Thank you Lyn Brown for hosting and getting us together in February! Our GWR Club enjoyed another February luncheon at Hudson’s Hickory House in Douglasville, GA (this makes 4 years in a row). This year the weather was chilly and rainy. As usual, the restaurant was packed. Lyn treated us all to fried green beans, fried pickles, Valentine Dum Dums, Skittles, and festive cocktail napkins – we loved them all! Lunch was delicious and gave us strength for our club meeting which followed. We totaled sixteen at our long table: 13 members, 1 honorary and 2 former members gathered for our event: Lyn Brown, Margaret Jackson, Dennis & Jean Harrison, Kathy & Fred Genrich, Joanne & Roy Thurston, John & Leslie Keener, Sandi Rice, Rick & Pat Heath, Linda Tomsett, and Sarah & Roy Sowers.

Lyn provided some entertainment in the form of a Valentine drawing for prizes. We were all handed a piece of paper with a number on them. Then, a red basket full of lucky numbers was walked around for four drawings. Our new member, Sandi Rice won a 2023 Calendar which she loved and stated that she’s been meaning to buy one. John Keener drew his own number – which automatically disqualified that prize for him and he got nothing. However, Leslie Keener won a giant chocolate almond candy bar. Fred Genrich won a nice tin of those delicious cookie wafers rolled up in a can, and Jean Harrison won a wooden red truck – which will look lovely in her garden.

Members eating

Our next event will be the GWR State Rally April 26-30.
Happy & Safe Traveling to you all – Hope to see y’all at our State Rally!

Leslie Keener,
Secretary, Georgia Winnie Rebels


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User commented on March 11, 2023 11:50 AM
I'm a Winnie B and considering going to your State Rally in Hiawassii GA, What do I need to do?