GA: Winnie Rebels

Winnebago’s 2022 GNR Team provided us with a great deal of fun this year – even better than the last.  Eight of us in 5 rigs made the journey to join in on the fun – in spite of some trouble a couple of us had getting there – just a little fishtailing & truck trouble. But thankfully we all made it for the Puckerbrush Parade and GNR opening ceremonies in the Amphitheater Sunday night on the 17th of July.  Pictured above you see are Fred & Kathy Genrich, Roy & Joanne Thurston in front, and in the back:  Linda Tomsett, Yolanda White, Leslie & John Keener.  The smiles are reflecting the fun we’ve already had before the Rally started.

Group sitting together in bleachers.

We all tried to arrive early to get our rigs serviced and to participate in Forest City’s Puckerbrush Festival and Parade.  We were surprised and delighted to be parked by Len & Julie Zevchek from Ohio who’ve attended our State Rally for the last several years, and won the costume contests!  Luckily, we were parked mostly together on row 15.  The Thurston’s coach was held in service longer than expected – but they weren’t too far off in row 12.

RVs parked in grass.

We enjoyed waiting for the Puckerbrush Parade to begin.

RVs parked in grass

We gathered for dinners in the Genrich’s shade – grilled sirloin steak and bacon wrapped asparagus, roasted potatoes, mixed salad & fresh fruit was delicious!

Group gathered outside of an RV.

We did go to Heritage Park and got to see a steam engine display of how big logs were cut & sliced, and toured some of the old school houses, barns, and workshops from 1875 and longer ago.  They even sold us some hand churned ice cream.

Woman riding an electric bike through a field.

We didn’t get too many pictures of us all - we were having too much fun around the Rally grounds.  We participated in almost everything Winnebago and Forrest City had to offer.  We loved making new friends with the folks camped by us and spending as many happy hours together as we could with them.  Our group isn’t hard to make friends with – all people had to do was to walk or ride by us while we were outside and Fred invited them to join us – AND THEY DID!   It was so much fun – the stories and tales that were told were highly entertaining.

Group gathered outside of an RV

This was our last breakfast together with our new friends that we truly hope we see again.

Don’t forget to check our website for flyers and updated schedules: Our next time of fun together is in Pidgeon Forge, TN Sept 27-30 at Riveredge RV Park – instigated and hosted by the Genrich’s & Keeners.  I hope y’all can join us for another adventure together.

Until we see y’all again - Safe Travels!

Leslie Keener,

Secretary, Georgia Winnie Rebels



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User commented on September 7, 2022 6:53 PM
Sorry I missed it. Looks like y’all had a blast. HOOAH.