FL: Du-Bol Winnies

Du-Bol Winnies Campout

Compass RV Resort, St Augustine, FL

October 14-17, 2021

If you attended this campout, you had a great time!!  If you did not, you missed out on a great weekend. Nine Du-bols rolled their rigs into the beautiful Compass RV Resort, most arrived a day early to enjoy the park and the area. Attendees were: Caffrey, Davies, Hoffren, Lackey, Little, Lukas, Proctor, Richardson and guests, Byer. We were all parked together by the clubhouse, which made for lots of socializing. We also enjoyed a brief drive-in visit from the Terry's who hope to be RVing again soon. 

Our hosts, Donna & John Lukas, and Cindy Hoffren put together a schedule that was entertaining, relaxing, and fun. On Thursday, we pretty much did our own things during the day and later met for Happy Hour and a rousing game of Nickels. It's so much fun to win!! On Friday morning we all met at the St Augustine Marina for a leisurely boat ride on the Intercoastal Waterway. St Augustine is a beautiful city, rich in history, and even more lovely when viewed from the water. The boat Captain pointed out many of the interesting structures built by Henry Flagler, and other points of interest along the shoreline and the waterways. The weather was warm and sunny....perfect for salty air and wind in your hair. Later on Friday, we carpooled to Vilano Beach for dinner at The Reef, an ocean front landmark where we dined on fresh seafood and other entrees.   After dinner Stephanie Harvey (Cindy Hoffren) hosted a hilarious game of Family Feud. The 2 teams were the "Dubols" (the men) and the "Winnies" the women.  Stephanie Harvey did everything she could to encourage our lazy brains to answer the crazy questions.  In the end, the "Dubols" outsmarted the "Winnies" and won with a score of 578 to 325. To be fair, everyone got a prize for participating but the winners also got candy. On Saturday morning many of us enjoyed the breakfast prepared by the RV park...just like a Hampton Inn. Jack Caffrey then led the business meeting and got us up to date on changes coming for the WIT Club. Saturday evening dinner we enjoyed fried chicken and sides from Publix. Delicious!! After dinner those who still had some energy left played several rounds of "Funky Rummy". We again thanked our hosts, the Lukas's and C. Hoffren for organizing a great campout. 


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