FL: Du-Bol Winnies

Du-bol Winnies Last campout (December 9-12, 2019) hosted by Sheryl and Jim Sweet, co-hosts Tom and Connie (who did nothing) Davies. Sheryl made naughty and nice badges, hid them in pop-through-cup-caves, which divided the Du-bols into naughty or nice teams for Bean Bag baseball. I was ‘naughty’ because,” When I was good I was very good but when I was bad I was better.” The ‘Nice’ team won!  How ‘Naughty’ is that?

What a schedule. Monday -pizza and salad and Grinch movie. Tuesday afternoon-Cookie Bingo, evening-Olive Garden pasta, bread sticks, and salad. Fancy green and red dessert baked by Sheryl’s neighbor.  After dark, campfire and Christmas sing-a-long. Wednesday-‘Christmas Morning at Night’-Flamingo Lake Chefs scrambled 100 eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, and fruit.  Most everyone wore pajamas!  Later Judi (disguised as Scotty, the elf, helped Mrs. Claus (Sheryl) distribute the presents with rolls of huge dice. Judi’s special guest Jennie added her smile and twinkle to the fun. Guess who dropped in to celebrate, Arlene wearing a mighty fancy dressing gown and Russ Grimm but not so fancy. 


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