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Message from BAD and Walt Carroll:


This is the Official Notice to let you all know we are turning our Charter for the Buccaneer Winnies back to WIT. 

Due to the decrease in members and people dropping out of WIT, it was felt this was the best direction for our group.

What remained in our treasury has been donated to Thomas Promise to help with their program of feeding school kids all over Pasco County. 

Does this mean there cannot be future campouts or gatherings? No!

You all have Charley’s last copy of our membership and if you think you might want to go camping all you have to do is send out an email to each of us. This would go for any other type of gathering you might think of.

The Buccaneer Winnies has been an active group. We have had some great gatherings and now have many wonderful memories. Hopefully everyone will keep in touch. 

Thank you,

Walt and BAD Carroll 

If you want to stay in touch,
please contact us by email at:
[email protected]


February 1978 was the beginning of the Buccaneer Winnies so this June 2022 we are celebrating 44 years of camaraderie, RV camp-outs, pot-luck dinners, probably the game “Nickels” and friendships over the years.

We’ve had happy times, silly times, competitive games, grand buffets, sharing life experiences and overall an “E-ticket” in RV-ing!

There have been very sad occasions where we’ve lost members and friends forever and we’ve gathered together as an RV family to support those who are carrying on.

So there has been an evolution.  And with evolution comes change –  sometimes not in the direction we’ve hoped for. Yet we move ahead and rework our route.

Although the Buccaneer Winnies is not going to be an official WIT group any longer, the friendships will continue and get-togethers can be organized. 

So stay in touch.  Remember the good times and let’s all look forward to some sunshiny days!

Your Buccaneer Winnies Newsletter Editors,

Merrily and David

2022 Buccaneer Winnies Officers/Staff

Vice President - Treasurer - BAD Carroll - [email protected]
Secretary - Cecilia Fischer - [email protected]
Wagon Master - Walter Carroll -  [email protected]
Newsletter Editor, Designer & Producer 
David Rosenblatt  & Merrily Miller Rosenblatt
[email protected]


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