California State Rally

“New Beginnings” - CalWIT State Rally
Bakersfield RV Resort, Bakersfield, CA
October 6-10, 2021

The CalWIT State Meeting was scheduled in Bakersfield, CA at the Bakersfield RV Resort on October 6-10, 2021.  The meeting was titled “New Beginnings” to recognize how the world is slowly getting back to normal.  Sue Chambers, CalWIT State President and the CalWIT Executive Board, were very busy making plans for this outing; reserving the site, arranging for meals, scheduling presenters, etc.  Though the group overall was a bit smaller than normal, we had approximately 29 rigs present with members from several state chapters attending.  Thanks, Sue & the rest of the CalWIT Executive Board for a nice weekend!

Collage of photos of RV park and people gathered.

Wednesday (Oct 6th) included “Registration and Hospitality” with Margaritas in the clubhouse.  A “First Timer’s Meeting” was held in the afternoon.  That night CalWIT sponsored a catered dinner prepared by the Bakersfield RV Park’s restaurant, the Crest Bar & Grill.  After dinner CalWIT sponsored a “White Rose Ceremony” to honor those CalWIT members that have passed this last year. The CalWIT club lost 6 members this last year and representatives from the local clubs read memorials to honor those members.  An arrangement of white roses with each person’s name was displayed throughout the 5-days of the state meeting.People playing games and sharing meals.

Thursday (Oct 7th) included a morning “WIT Walkers” session around the park, a Beanbag Baseball Tournament (see above, first and second place teams), and a “Fire Extinguisher Safety” seminar in the afternoon presented by Dave Kuehl.  During the CalWIT Rally, two of the chapters prepared dinners for the attendees. The Chardonnay Travelers prepared a “Mama Jo’s Sloppy Joes” dinner on Thursday and the Fresno Floaters prepared a “family-style pasta” dinner on Saturday.  After dinner each night, attendees met back in the clubhouse to play “Left-Right-Center”,  & “Card Bingo”.

People serving food and eating together

Friday (Oct. 8th) included a “WIT Walkers” activity again that morning.  At 10am there was a “Show and Share” event where members could bring their arts and crafts items to show and sell if desired.  There were about 11 participants.  In the afternoon the individual clubs met for their Chapter Meetings.  At 6pm a catered Dinner Mixer was served by the Crest Bar & Grill.

People dancing and socializing.

Saturday (Oct. 9th) morning included a “Pancake Breakfast” sponsored by the Bakersfield RV Resort.  Then, at 9am the CalWIT General Meeting took place with discussion and questions from attendees.  At 10:30am a seminar presented by the Redlands RV and Truck Center took place. After lunch at 2pm a “Computer Corner” was presented by Bob Jehle, CalWIT Treasurer and Art Schipper, CalWIT Past President.   Participants were encouraged to bring their laptops and questions.  After dinner that night entertainment was provided featuring Steve Woods.  Some folks stayed and enjoyed the good music and dancing. 

Sunday (Oct 10th) included a “Get-Away Breakfast” provided by the CalWIT Executive Board.  After that, everyone packed up and prepared to leave for home.  “Safe & Happy Travels”


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User commented on November 12, 2021 1:19 PM
What a fun time we all had 😎😎😎
User commented on November 12, 2021 3:53 PM
Looks like they had a great time keep on rolling
User commented on November 30, 2021 12:16 PM
Check out the Calwit website It’s really great. A lot of good information.